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Cowon Liaail Sound Capsule

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Just ran across this on Amazon. The item description is very general and vague, but says something like 'sound enhancement.' Is this thing a faux impedance reducing adapter, or what?


It's only $10, so thought I'd order one to see what it does exactly. One youtube reviewer mentioned that it reduces boominess in the bass and enhances treble, which sounds to me like an impedance thing. Anybody know anything about this?


The product site also says that it may reduce volume, which further leads me to believe it's an impedance reducing adapter...

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Not reducing, increasing.

By adding impedance, a headphone's sensitivity will be reduced and it will hiss less if it does at all.

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Wait, what?


Adding impedance to the headphones, or to the output?

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The headphones.

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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

The headphones.

Ah, ok. I suggested it was reducing the impedance of the source output, but I suppose that's basically equal to adding impedance to the headphones, or at least has the same effect.

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Does this mean that my 32 Ohm headphones will sound (a lot) better on my 8 Ohm receiver output? Talking about Sennheiser HD 205, HD 439 and Monoprice 8320s.

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Try it at your own risk.  Receivers are meant to power speakers, headphones are a little different, which is why they get their own headamp circuit within the receiver.

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