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Lets talk about using everyone using their iphone as their DAP

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Why do you think just about every iphone owner uses it as their DAP too? It does sound good but its nothing high end. I think a lot has to do with convenience and them having everything all in one. If theyre too unconsicious to not realize the stock phones are garbage, chances are they wont invest in a standalone dAP.

I mean its just crazy how rarely i see someone with a NON apple player cause it seems just about everyone has an iphone now
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I don't even use my iPhone as a phone!, just a dap LOL I took service off of it and put it back on my RAZR

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I have both DX100 and iphone5.


I use my DX100 as my main DAP while working/traveling on bus/train. The iphone5, as you said, is for convenience and is used while I am running/jogging/working out etc. I can't imagine how could I run/jog/working out with the DX100 in my pocket.... bigsmile_face.gif

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I guess I am lucky to have a choice when I leave the home.


Number 1 is currently HM-801, I also have Studio-V and a HM-601-Graham Slee Voyager combo


My own phone is the wonderful Nokia-N8, and last Oct my work gave me a black 32 gig Iphone 5


I have given it a fair try, using FLAC on Capriccio, and as an audio source it just doesn't cut it, 

its midrange lets it down. It sounds thin and harsh compared to my N8


the IP5 is great for using the web, and looks wonderful, but it will never be 

my main or back up audio source, even though I have to carry it around with me the whole time.

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Err - because I want better sound, higher volume, and don't want to carry something the size of a car battery in my pocket. iPhone no SIM/LOD to an e11/IEMS - light and easy.
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It's a small car battery... J/K I'm on a bit of an anti amp streak myself, I like my 4s w/ UM3X RC's works great and w/ 64gb plenty of room and with apps, I can pull down what I want. I had an Arrow 3g but I compared it to my UHA-4 and it got its ass kicked (I really wanted to like the arrow too, but the leckerton is better) but I prefer no amp at all.... if I can get away with it

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I hear you on the amp but I find it has a crack-like hold on me. I honestly forget I don't actually NEED an amp smily_headphones1.gif
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I think it's all about convenience.


I'm using an iPhone 4 whenever I'm around classmates/travelling around in a bus to sports games.

The SQ is pretty good so I'm satisfied; I find that I can still listen for detail when I'm sitting down but I won't really be able to appreciate really high levels of detail on the move, even if I'm seated in a bus :\


I recently pre-ordered a Centrance HiFi M8 and that'll be used when I'm not moving around a lot.

It'll be pretty easy hopefully; plug in and plug out!

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I used my iphone 4s as digital source fed to my portable DAC/Amp all the time but was forced to switch to ipod touch due to not enough free space. Iphone alone already sound good on my Fitear To Go 334 but when use my Go-Dap it sound much better. I'm also considering portability of my rig, so I won't go to the ultimate (transportable) setting like ipod+solo -db+RXmkIII. 

iphone 4s+Go-Dap X:




ipod touch+Go-Dap X:



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Sweet rig bro.
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