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Studio V troubleshooting help needed

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Hi there, I just got my hands on Hisoundaudio's Studio V recently.


Earlier in the day, after loading some songs (no microSD card inserted as of yet) into the Studio V and playing them, I switched it off. Since then, the screen has been stuck at displaying 'Bye-Bye' and the DAP doesn't respond regardless of which button I press. I have tried some of the instructions on the manual but they don't seem to have worked. 


I have tried the following to remedy the situation.


1) Press the reset button. Press and hold the central key for 3 seconds, release it. After waiting for a minute, repeat the first step to turn on the player.


2) Press the reset button, Connect the DAP to a PC by the provided USB cable. The red light will light up on the Studio V, then disconnect it from the computer and turn on as usual.


Firstly, when I connect the Studio V to my PC, the PC does not detect it at all. And the lights don't light up as they usually do when charging via USB. Also, I've had no problems when turning on and off the Studio V in the short time that I laid my hands on it (until now :S) Note that I have charged it for about 5 hours before using it for about an hour, prior to this issue occuring.


I am at a loss as to what to do, so some advice would be good. Thank you.

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If there's a card in it, pull it, reset and try the 3 sec center button thing a couple times. Don't connect to a pc until it boots. if OK so far, toss the system folder contents and reboot. Shiould be fine now. If not reload the FW.


Reinstall the FW but you'll need to do it in windows. Sounds like the FW is corrupt or the the SOC is just unhappy. The FW is available on HISound's site. http://www.hisoundaudio.com/uploads/soft/120509/1_1702247901.rar unzip and maintain folder structure.

Remove sd card. Reset, hold the up button when connecting and don't let go until you know it's in or wait 15sec. It won't show as a drive yet. Open the updater that you've unzipped. (File with speaker logo). That should find the player. Once found it will show as a drive in 'my computer'. Format. When finished, 'start' the updater until complete.


This is generally from user error of some sort but to be fair, it's a bit too easy to create one. Fortunately it's also easy to fix. You can dump the system folder contents without issue but never add anything to it. Do not add or remove a card while on.

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