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Help me pick my first real headphones...please!

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Ok, I am a newbie that signed up looking for some help. I know these topics have been covered and I appreciate your help. I have been on the other end of answering the "same old questions" often with saltwater fish and I'm sorry for this. I'm looking to buy my first real set of headphones. Please forgive my lingo (or lack thereof) and my expected learning curve. I have spent at least 40+ hours researching and reading all the reviews about this phone vs.that phone threads and I could use some help. I am not a real audiophile because I have a slight hearing loss from 10+ years of machine shops and commercial lawn mowers. I enjoy quality products and a touch of style doesn't hurt. 


Intended audio:

Christian rock, Christian Rap, Macbook Pro(new) for movies, Audio lectures/Bible studies, PC and Xbox Gaming (in order of time spent).


I will use them sometimes when my wife is sleeping next to me. I might use them in the car on the way to work. I will use them once in a great while while traveling (airplane) but only a couple times per year. I will be on the move 90% of the time when I use these so I don't want HUGE cans on my head. Average time of use will be 1hr per day. 

Source used:

40% iPod, without amp.....for now, 40% Macbook Pro, 20% TV(I haven't figured out this one yet as far as connecting it to my Xbox).


I have figured out I need a closed ear headphone due to use around my sleeping wife and occasional travel. I think I would prefer an around the ear headphone.


My price range is around $125 but I will spend as much as $185 for a really nice set-up. Here are the cans I've been looking at based off my research(no order of preference):



Sennheiser HD 449

Sennheiser HD 439

Ultrasone HFI-680

Ultrasone HFI-580

V-MODA Crossfade M-80

Audio-Technica ATH-M50

Phiaton MS 400, I really like this look the best

Fischer Audio FA-004






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Get the Audio-Technica ATH-M50. Most all around headphone at your price range.

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I'm leaning towards the MS 400 based off pure looks alone. Any other suggestions on this bunch or another one that you think would fit the bill. The MS 400 are a little on the high end of my price range.


Am I asking the wrong questions, too vague, or didn't supply enough information for you guys to help?

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I'm assuming your wearing the headphones in the car when someone else is driving??


Gemini HSR-1000 (Takstar Pro 80) closed headphones, usually sells for around $85.

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