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headphones for friend

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i have a friend  that is looking for headphones around 1000$ and he listens to rock, metal and classic music. he wants to have an over ear headphones to hear music trew ipod (not for studio).
what are the best over ear headphones around this prices?

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Wow, nice budget he has.

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I'm no pro but 1000$ is a waste without good equipment imo
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$1000 headphone driving straight with an iPhone? Weird...
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T5p will knock your socks off. 

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Momentum then should be. 


Something to show off. 

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Why would you spend 1000$ on headphone's to drive them with an ipod?

Think about that for a second! You can spend 100$ and get great headphone's to listen to through an ipod.

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$1000 would be a waste run through an iPod...


He would be better off getting a portable, or semi-portable, like the: CAL!, HD 25 1-II, Momentum, DT 1350, etc.

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