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Looking for headphones w/ detachable cord on budget

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I have about $100 to spend ( can stretch it to $150 ) 

Looking to invest on a first pair of headphones, earbuds are cool but i can't keep spending money getting new one. 


I need something that have a removable cord ( 3.5mm on both side, no proprietary plug ), most of my earbuds doesn't last very long because the wire broken off at the plug after repeated uses.


I want something relatively close ( i don't want people to hear my music, i also hate hearing other people music. ) I don't listen to music on high volume anyway.


My headphone will be use walking to my bus stop, to school and to work.

I fly about twice a year ( 3 hours each way ) and once in a while i will take a transpacific flight, so my headphones need to be somewhat comfortable for a long period of time.


Most of my music are ( One republic, Country, etc, rarely any hip hop or rap, i hate bassy headphone )


Over the ear is prefers, but on ear is fine as long as it will isolating sound and comfortable for a long period of time


Big plus if the headphone will stay on when i jog with it,if not then it is fine since i can use some earbuds for that


I'm thinking about getting a ATH M-50 after a few hours of google searching and then add a removable feature but i'm afraid i will screw it all up. 

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The Brainwax HM5 and the V-Moda m-80 both have removable cords. Might want to give them a lot.

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thanks for the suggestion but i pulled the trigger on the M-50S for 115 on amazon ( good price i guess ) and $8 for a 3.5mm female plug ( people on the M-50 thread recommend that one ) so $125 and sometime to mod it, still come out cheaper than get it modded before hand. 


this will be the first pair of headphone or earbuds that cost more than $20 that i will ever own.


I'm going to to mod a detachable cable mod, wish me luck. ( i'm quite handy with the the soldering iron, at least on big RC control wire ) 


hopefully the removable cable feature will save me tons of money on the long run, most of my earbuds plugs will break over a 2-3 months period ( the one end that plug into my phone. ) 

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Glad you made a choice. My coworker probably ordered it the same time you did since you both got the same price for them. It's also his first pair of headphones above the 20$ mark and he can't stop talking about them. Update me on your thoughts when they arrive. o2smile.gif

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Dude the M-50 is amazing, i heard thing that i have never heard before in a song. the mod wasn't that hard, took me around 1 and a half doing it as slow as possible and most of the time is spending on stripping those little wire( i don't have a wire stripper, so i have to try and strip with an exacto knife. ) 



Here are some pictures of the finishing product : 





Now i need to find an affordable cable, do they make one with volume control and/or music control for android phone ? 

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you can probably just use the Vmoda m80's cable. it'll have a mic in there as well, iirc. Kind of pricey though, but it is a nice quality cable. Looks nice on black phones as well.



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too pricy for me, i'm looking for something under $10. 

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