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Exciting news (Audeze is rolling out a DSD combo unit!)! Thanks for the update. I'm still game to demo the X whenever they send it your way. Curious to hear how it stacks up with the latest GS-X amps.

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Will the HE-500 or HE-400 be going on demo any time soon? I'm really anxious to try these two cans out.

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Originally Posted by justin w. View Post

the next demos will be the upcoming Audeze closed-back and "X" headphones :) :) :)


(unless the release date is not for a long time -- they havent told me when it is --- i may find out today)


Justin, I'd like to suggest shipping any future Audeze headphones with the extended yoke rods. They make a huge difference in comfort for large headed people. 


It's enough to move the headphones up from unwearable to just heavy. :) 

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Originally Posted by justin w. View Post

Live update - the audeze lcd-x will be the next demo when i can get it.

The closed back lcd-xc has a dsp unit that uses unique profiles and may be better for a future demo


I'm so down.

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Is it just me, or is it possible the closed back LCD needs to have the DSP, because running it straight from your own amp will sound bad? Perhaps Audeze couldn't figure out how to get around making it sound right without that extra processing?

Just speculating here.

Of course if the XC sells also as a standalone, then I'm speculating over nothing.
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Whoa LCD-X and LCD-XC demo.......................

Just a quick review,
Rocking this HD700 on Daft Punk "Get Lucky-remix" Flac and White Zombie "More Human than Human" Alac ........ I don't know if this little too metallicky sound meaning a bit too bright or what.....need a little time to get accustomed to them, although bass is punchy with good attack. I am so confused with its metallic sound-tonality though, as I can hear micro-detail on cymbals with good attack.

A very comfortable headphone for sure. Putting them thru my antic Adcom preamp headphone jack, the middle range sounded more meaty-er.

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I'd like to be included when you get start sharing the XC or the TH900.  Both of those cans are on my "I think I want" list but I just won't know for sure till I hear them.

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The XC sells on Audeze's website without their little dac/amp combo.

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Ah, ok. I don't have any interest in a closed back, but it fills a niche set first by the Mad Dogs.
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I'd argue that in the grand scheme of things that open back is more niche than closed back.  I think nearly all headphones should strive to be closed as long as the manufacturer gets it sounding as open and airy as...open headphones.  I'm happy to see Audeze spending the time to work on the idea.

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Perhaps as far as domestic market, but for high end? Quite the opposite. You have your Ultrasones and the leaky Fostex... but really, what else? Now with the Alpha Dogs, and the XC, it seems closed back headphones are starting to gain some momentum in the high end market.
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You're talking about market percentage, I'm talking about actual realistic uses.  Even in home environments, it's nice to have a closed back with greater isolation just in case someone else in the house is watching tv, you have the dishwasher running, you have kids running around, you have a dog, etc.  Outside of the home environment, you can take your high end closed back and use it as a transportable if you work 8hour days in front of a computer in an office.


Open back's been the default for the purest audio quality because it's easier to control resonance that way, but I'm happy to see people like Mrspeakers and Audeze putting more R&D into the idea of closed high-end audio.

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Oh, I agree with you there. I mean, I personally wouldn't spend so much for a closed flagship (other than the TH900, if only because of my love for that older Denon sound), but I definitely see it's merits.
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I am interested in the demo tour for both of the new Audeze 'phones (and Fostex 900 and the new RP, if on the tour).
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thread just got interesting again. was hoping to see the th900 but a chance for people to demo the lcdx shortly after release is pretty exciting.

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