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Originally Posted by alv4426 View Post

Hey Oregonian, could you compare the TH600 to the ED8 please?

I'll start off by saying that will be a tough one for me.

The Edition 8 as a portable is probably, unquestionably actually, the best I have ever seen or used for laying on your head nicely and comfortably. It kind of hugs your head and with the way the cups surround your ears it's just so sleek and low profile. Doesn't move a bit - the clamp is perfect. That said however sound wise is quite different than the TH600. I would say the clarity of the Ed8 is extremely good as it is the TH600, but where the big difference is to me is in the bass response arena. The edition 8 is no slouch, but the 600 is just a beast. I mean it will handle anything you throw at it. Out of my vintage Pioneer Spec stack it almost seems like you couldn't distort it. The word glorious comes to mind when describing the TH600s bass response.

So honestly if I were to choose one and could only have one I'd choose the TH600. That's saying something. Because I love my edition 8. The more I listen to my Edition 8 as my portable set up on my arm for doing whatever walking running it just is so good. The TH600 is not what I would call a good portable solution compared to the edition 8 but that's the only downside in this battle.

Love them both......
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^^^Thank you sir, helps a lot. Listening in bed is going to be one of the main uses so it wins there, and from pictures at least it looks like the nicest headphone ever to me. Three choices right now for closed headphone ED8, TH600, and the Alpha Dog.

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Originally Posted by alv4426 View Post

^^^Thank you sir, helps a lot. Listening in bed is going to be one of the main uses so it wins there, and from pictures at least it looks like the nicest headphone ever to me. Three choices right now for closed headphone ED8, TH600, and the Alpha Dog.

Gorgeous without being garish. And sturdy as heck. That's something most don't realize, that these are tanks.
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ED8 as your portable headphone for walking or running.. madness! 
I guess that's what theyre kind of designed for but still... 

TH600.. so good. I miss it so much

Dynamics take a step forward in their battle against the planars! 

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Originally Posted by Oregonian View Post

Originally Posted by DemonFox View Post

I think its time for you to move up to the TH900's which are improved versions of your D7000's and considered by most the best closed cans you can buy. Sell those Edition 8's and D2000's and you're almost there biggrin.gif



I've considered that..................but I love the Edition 8's as a portable setup...............and the D2000's are my work office phone..................spending $1500 on ONE phone right now doesn't appeal to me.  Yeah, I could finance it since I have the Pro900, Q40, D7000, Darth Beyer to choose from but still the price vs improvement makes me pause.  I PM'd a few TH900 guys and asked them to rate it over the TH600...............most said for sure better but only maybe 10% or so. 

You are trouble by the way...................spending my money like that!   wink.gif  

I actually envision a time that I do just what you are describing.   Just not now. 

Yah it always so much easier to spend someone else's money lol. Only 10% improvement? That's still insane to think something can sound 10% better than the God like TH600. I still gotta hear how they sound. Any upgrade from the TH600's have to be legendary


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I've been listening to the HD700s for a few hours today. To my ears they are better than both the T90s and HE-6s. They are bass light with the loudness on my amplifier turned off but with it on hit the sweet spot quantity wise. Note that I found the T90s too bassy, and the HE-6s anemic. In comparission my STAX have more bass with the loudness off but less with it on. They also have the same quantity regardless of the song while the HD700 scale depending on what is being played. If there was one thing about the 700s that stands out it's how different it can sound with varying material. Most headphones have their own sound you will hear regardless of what is being played. The 700s are also quite good when it comes to drums, probably because of the material surrounding the driver. It vibrates much like a drum does when struck. This also is probably one of the factors contributing to the soundstage and dare I say ethereal sound of the headphones. It's certainly more-so than my STAX, though I am running with SR-5NBs rather than Lambdas so I will not be comparing to the stereotypical Stax sound. These are the only headphones that I've heard that can match my Stax in sheer dynamics(displacement?) I use the intro track to one of my favorite metal albums to test for this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZXGVE2-6W0. Sure, you might hear all that's there(including the bass) with most headphones but the only headphones that I've heard that let you feel the 'thud' sounds of the swordfighting section have been the SR5 and HD700. And the effect is clearer through the 700s. Film affecinatos take notice.

And while some call this headphone a grown-up HD598 I'm going to have to disagree with that statement. I very much disliked the 598 when I heard them, it was far too diffuse(poor center image) and syrupy to my ears. Veiled even. The 700 suffers from neither of these problems.

I'll have to do some more listening before I can say anymore than that.

Update: I've decided I'm going to make a thing of this, I'll be posting my impressions in this thread from now on.
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I have to agree with your assessment of the HD598. It's far too luxurious of a sound for me to enjoy.

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Completely agree about drums with HD700. They let me hear clearly each individual component within drumset
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I don't know the ins and outs of "diffuse" (if anyone can explain how that works it would be appreciated) but I suspect that's what I'm noticing about these TH-600's as well-- they have a wider, clearer center image compared to my other cans. It sounds more realistically spreadout while my other cans can seem to be congested or have an in-your-head center image. With the TH-600 I feel like the center image is being stretched out on a canvas in front of me, letting me pick and choose what to focus on and analyze. It makes me think these might be really good studio or mixing cans as well as pure music listening cans. Other than that they are very smooth with no one aspect sticking out aside from the great bass which is a bit emphasized and very powerful with no distortion. Other than that I'm finding a hard time thinking of how to describe these but I think thats a good thing as they are very well balanced. There is plenty of detail without feeling like its coming from any one part of the spectrum in particular. The whole range is represented well. Very smooth. And they have an impressively wide and roomy soundstage for closed cans. So far the only thing I can somewhat complain about with these is the almost non-existant isolation and that they have a pretty loose fit which can lead to the cans starting to fall off your head when you move around. Being one of the best closed cans out there I think its a shame that you don't get good isolation from them. I need good closed cans but these might as well be semi-open. I love the sound of these but I'm actually thinking I might instead go for the Alpha Dogs as my high end closed set.

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updated first post with current status

HeadAmp Audio Electronics - home of the Pico and Gilmore amps.  Now with Audeze, Fostex, HiFiMAN, Sennheiser, and STAX.
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Originally Posted by justin w. View Post

updated first post with current status


I always hope that this post translates to "sign-ups are currently open," but it never does.

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Thanks again to Justin for the opportunity to demo these cans in my own home with my own equipment and compare them against my own headphones.


What can I say, the TH-600 are undoubtedly a world-class headphone. They are spectacular. They have a huge and yet immersive soundstage, the best I've heard so far (mind you I haven't heard the HD800 or T1 yet). The center image is stretched out naturally in front of you. Instrument separation and positioning are very, very good and much better than my HD600 or DT880, especially in the center image. The sound signature was surprisingly neutral on the TH600. The bass is emphasized but its not overdone and although I can see why some have called it boomy I don't think that's an accurate word for it because it is only ever so slightly boomy. It is very good quality bass that is extremely satisfying and it stretches way down to the very lowest registers. Other than the bass, the rest of the spectrum sounded very neutral, actually, with no particular area taking over. Details and substance were abundant from the low mids through the high treble. I wouldn't say these are bright at all. Some might say they are warm. To me they were quite neutral and it was obvious that nothing was missing. Once again my experience with a headphone's signature vibes quite well with Tyll's measurements. The measurements show no significant peaks or valleys and that was exactly what I noticed and I came to appreciate it very much. End to end they are smoother than both my DT880 and HD600. In fact, after packaging up the TH600s on Saturday to send them out I started playing around with EQ and was actually able to get my DT880s to have a similar signature. The spacious and accurate soundstage isn't there but the  DT880s are very pleasing with this signature. The slightly emphasized but not overdone bass and smooth treble and mids of the TH-600s is pretty much my perfect signature, at least for an all-around headphone. If you like good, strong bass I could easily see this being an end-all headphone for a lot of people.


Earlier I mentioned the one weakness of the TH600-- isolation. It just barely isolates and only high-end noises. There's not much more isolation here than in my semi-open DT880s. This is the only reason I could see someone not liking the TH600 unless you just don't like the signature at all.


I did perceive slightly more grain on the TH600 than on my DT880s, about the same amount as my HD600. I wonder if the TH900 improves on this at all.


I absolutely loved the TH600s and hope to own them one day. If you are considering the TH600 and enjoy a slightly bass-emphasized signature, take the plunge, you absolutely will not regret it. These are very impressive headphones that beat every other dynamic 'phone I've heard in almost every way.



Here are Tyll measurements for the TH600:



Here is the TH900's signature compared to the DT880 (the TH600 and TH900 have very similar signatures):


And here's the EQ I've come up with over the last couple days for use with my DT880s. I've come to realize that the emphasized or at least neutral sub-bass of headphones like the TH600 and my DT1350s is pretty much a requirement for getting the right atmosphere out of some of the genres I listen to. The same way well extended highs can give you the right amount of top-end atmosphere, well extended bass can do the same at the low end. With this EQ the DT880s sound more like closed cans in regard to bass but the soundstage hasn't been reduced at all. The bass isn't quite as emphasized as on the TH600 but is compensated to be neutral all the way down to 20hz. Slight tweaks to the treble spike let mids come through better and also impart a slightly more accurate tone to the high mids and low treble. Thanks to the TH600 for serving as an example and providing me with the motivation to find the signature I've always wished my DT880s had to begin with (because I love all their other characteristics):


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Fostex TH600 is in the house......can't wait to hear the sound.
Justin thank you for letting me demo this headphone.

Thanks Devhen.
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Originally Posted by Burju View Post

Fostex TH600 is in the house......can't wait to hear the sound.
Justin thank you for letting me demo this headphone.

Thanks Devhen.


You're going to love them!



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