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Originally Posted by alv4426 View Post

I got a question for you guys that got to the demo both the TH600 and the STAX. How would you guys compare those two (apples and oranges but give it try please)?

Oh no, I'm not getting into that conflict lol. I had both and both are great in their own way.

The Stax are kinda awkward but sound some kind of amazing. Ultra realistic and clarity like nothing I've ever heard.

Th600's are upgraded versions of the D5000's and superior in every way. Fantastic top to bottom with practically no flaws IMO. They made my fantastically amazing wonderfully beautiful LCD's sound flat and uninteresting. Of course I still love my babies but now I'm saying but... They are top notch and easily the best overall headphones I've personally ever heard.


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^^^See to me I find that the TH600 is the most well rounded can Ive ever tried. It is the only one out of all in my profile to ever get compliments for aesthetics, build is great, its super comfortable, isolates poorly but leaks very little and matte/flat black just so happens to be my favorite color. Its the most fun can Ive ever heard that lets me just sit back and enjoy the music. In other words the TH600 is the perfect can for me.


I had written a couple very long paragraphs about the TH600 comparing them to some of my other stuff but mostly the STAX. But after reading them I decided that my crappy writing skills and lack of ability to describe what hear made it sound like I was bashing them which is not what I wanted to do for such a good headphone. I will just state a few things which are totally my opinion which are also probably proof of my insanity since I cannot find anything negative written about the TH600 anywhere other than the common "its not a TH900"; I do not believe these sound like they are on the same level as the Stax to me. And again IMO I think they should be closer to $650-750 new. I would describe them to be in a level between a AD2000 and the Stax which is where I got that price point.


Having never heard anything higher end than the two demos I got through Justins generosity I have to rely on other peoples opinions. Reading reviews and comparisons of the TH600 where people say these are better than a lot of headphones that are even more expensive is just making me think that maybe I have reached my personal point of diminishing returns with headphones I guess. I do want to repeat that I do not mean to bash the TH600 in fact I am currently thinking about upgrading to one since honestly I don't think Ill find a more perfect headphone for my situation.

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Any more impressions on HD700?
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I got the HD 700 yesterday and just got around to cracking the package open today. I'll do some listening and come back with some impressions.

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Next guy on the list should get the TH600's Thursday :( 


So sad to see them go... 







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I will likely need to be moved down the HD700 list by two or three places. I have a trip coming up next week and will be gone for two weeks during that.

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Got the momentums today, giving them a quick listen. Can't wait to hear them through my main setup.
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Originally Posted by Netforce View Post

Got the momentums today, giving them a quick listen. Can't wait to hear them through my main setup.

How do they sound?? Do you have other portable headphones to compare then to?


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Got a pair of phiaton ms 400 that I'm using as my primary portable pair of cans and main home cans while I wait on my he-400 cable to get replaced so I can do a bit of comparisons when I give the momentums a bit longer of a listen and after I get back from class tonight.
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After listening to the momentums throughout the day I would say they are quite the fantastic pair of portable cans. Build is rock solid with them, nothing feels cheap about them. Comfort is a bit hit and miss for me, ears hurt after a couple of hours because of the ear cup size. Ear pads are great, genuine leather that is very breathable and really can’t hear anyone around me with these guys on. Quite comfortable handing them around the neck.
Sound wise they sound real good, love the mids and the lows are pretty good too. Bass is tight and very nice. Highs leave me wanting a bit more given how much I liked the lows and the mids. Imaging and separation is fairly decent on the momentum but for some faster and more aggressive songs with lots going on they sounded a tad bit muddy. Soundstage for closed cans is pretty good, not the best at this price range but still above average.
Tested them on a variety of sources from my galaxy s3 and no amp to my zune with an e6 and my desktop setup and they responded quite well with each. My last pair of sennheisers were some hd555 back in the day which thinking back sound pretty uninteresting if I’m to be quite honest. The momentums have quite have quite the bass impact that I was looking for with the hd555 and are quite a bit more engaging to me. Listening to a variety of music with the momentum I would say that that metal is primarily what I listen to and I didn’t like the momentums with metal. Dance/electronic music are to me where these cans shine and sound the best. Jazz is such an engrossing experience as is classical music with the momentum.
So to compare the momentum with my phiaton ms 400 I would say the ms 400 are bassy headphones and their mids are real nice. The momentums are only slightly heavier but that’s not too much of an issue for me with my muscular he-400 neck muscles. Sound wise I would actually call their sound quite similar in their great mids nice low end and highs that leave me wanting a bit more. Directly comparing them is a bit unfair given how wide the price gap is for these two cans but the momentums overall has better bass, mids, lows, and highs. Soundstage is bigger on the momentum and isolation is better so the momentums are like an upgrade to the ms 400 while keep a lot of the same elements of the ms 400. Comfort on both leave my ears in pain after long hours but as it is possible to turn the ms 400 more outwards it does relieve some stress on the ears somewhat more the momentums. The ms 400 are bit more aggressive and faster so with metal I personally like the ms 400 more but most every other genre sounds better with the momentums.
In the end both look fantastic, the ms 400 is quite a bit more noticeable and pretty to me but I still love how the momentums scream quality build quality up close. I’d like to thank Justin for this opportunity to demo the momentums, tried them in the past but only briefly and after each try I liked them more and more. With this demo and being able to listen around my library with the momentum I have kind of fallen in love with the momentum and I think they may perhaps be my go to choice for a quality built portable pair of cans. I’m quite happy with my ms 400 now but if my upgradeitis acts up I think I’ll go and grab some momentums.
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The HD700 is boxed up and ready to go to the next person; I just need the shipping address from Justin. My feedback on the headphones is below.




  • Amp: Audio GD Master 8 or Apex Arete/Volcano
  • Source: Audio GD Reference 8
  • Transport: KingRex UC384/UPower



Comfort and Build Quality


I have no complaints about the fit and finish on the HD 700. The headphone is lightweight and has very plush velour pads. The pad surface is higher quality than that on the HD 600/650 and close to the microfiber on the HD 800. Comfort is exceptional except for the tiny bit of clamp, which I'm sure will go away with repeated use. While the use of 2.5 mm locking cable connectors instead of the HD 800's custom plugs are a nod a lower price point, it will likely result in better pricing for aftermarket cables and gives you the ability to use other Sennheiser cables in a pinch.




Like most Sennheisers I've heard, the HD 700 is laid back. Whlle they do not have the giant soundstage and pinpoint imaging of the HD 800, the HD 700 has more forward mids and boosted midbass. It's still not a basshead headphone by any means, but it will please people who felt the HD 800 was too cold or sterile sounding.


Although technicalities are dialed down from the flagship model, the HD 700 is still higher res than my HD 580, with better layering in the bass and better instrument separation/vocal clarity. While the HD 580 would occasionally smear with faster paced or large ensemble tracks, the HD 700 has no such issues.


My one quibble with the HD 700 is the somewhat uneven treble presentation. When I first plugged them them to my Apex Arete, I had been mainly listening to my SR007MKI for about a week and the sudden boost in the high frequencies made me want to put the headphones down after a few tracks. I found this strange as I can normally switch between the SR007MKI/HD 800/HE-6 with no issues and most of us would put the last two headphones are in the neutral or bright camp.


While the overall tonality of the HD 700 is definitely darker than that of the HD 800 and HE-6, the treble is a bit more uneven and can go from subdued to somewhat piercing depending on the track.


The next day, I plugged the HD 700 into my Master 8 instead of the Apex Arete and it seemed a bit smoother sounding. While both amps are quite neutral, the Master 8 tends to be slightly fuller sounding than the lean and punchy Arete. As the hours passed, my hearing started to adjust and the treble spikes happened less often, but they never really went away. Maybe the HD 700 just needs a very tubey amp to sound it's best?




While I like how Sennheiser is trying to present a audiophile take on a less polarizing sound signature, the highs are too hit or miss. If you have $1000 and need an upgrade from mid-fi, the LCD-2, HE-500, and Stax Lambdas are still your best options. However, given the top-notch ergonomics and a sound signature that is very agreeable must of the time, Sennheiser only needs a few tweaks to turn the HD 700 into a winner.


HD 750, anyone?

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I'm the next one and just replied to Justin 's email that I want and ready
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Good bye momentum's, its been fun.

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Wow what a great idea this amazing haha!!

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This still going on?

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