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I'll just concede that I made a mistake making a public forum post instead of using the PM system, and I definitely didn't intend to cause any "ill will or bitterness," if I could borrow those words. I think for me this is just one of those kinds of things that got lost in translation over the Internet, and nothing I write will accurately convey my intent. I know everyone here will just do what they want, and along those lines, feel free to disregard my posts (or put me on ignore, if you'd like).


Back on the topic of HeadAmp's demo: the box had a really funny/weird smell when I first opened it that hasn't gone away. The next person might want to air it out.

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I just received the HE-560 today. Another big thanks to Justin for setting up this demo program.


The new style headband has eliminated the pressure points just above the temples that used to bother me with the HE-6. However, I much prefer the high gloss black cups on the HE-6 (the wood veneers on the HE-560 are a little cheap looking in comparison). Then again, you can't really see the headphones on top of your head, so...


Time to plug in and start listening for the rest of the evening. 

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For those who might want to know, FedEx Ground shipping w/ insurance cost ~$20 on the HE-560. And I wrote my impressions of the headphones here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/711824/hifiman-he-560-impressions-discussion-thread/6375#post_10767600

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The HE-560 is on it's way over to talmlikeabalm. 


I enjoyed my time with them, but I'll be keeping the HE-6 as my planar of choice. The old flagship still has a small edge in air, imaging, and driver speed.


The HE-560 is more comfortable (on par with the DT 880 or HD 600 and just short of the HD 800 or TH900. However, fitting the HE-6 with the new hybrid pads and a headband cushion can get you halfway there comfortwise. It's also got thicker mids and a more coherent mid to treble transition when compared to it's big brother - listening to the HE-6 can sometimes make you feel as if there is a dip in the upper mids on poorly mastered tracks.


As for build quality, I was hoping for something closer to the wood and metal construction of the LCD-2 at the HE-560's $899 price point. That or pricing the HE-560 at $699 as a direct drop in replacement for the HE-500 in Hifiman's lineup would have made this a no-brainer purchase. As it stands, it's still one of best sounding and most comfortable headphones at it's asking price.


A big thanks to Justin for doing this demo. 

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Sorry guys, but we are running into FedEx delays that has held up the West Coast tour for 5 days. With the signature requirement and a sneaky delivery person that can't seem to find anyone home in a house overflowing all day long with 6 noisy house guests w/children and open doors, we have missed two delivery attempts on the 8th and the 9th and FedEx home delivery is closed on the 10th and the 11th, so we cannot even attempt to gain delivery before the 12th. The delivery guy did manage to sneak up and get a "missed you" sticker on the back of the open door without anyone seeing them which is impressive. Sorry again, I am working on it.


BTW, we will gain back some of the lost time as I am simply handing off the unit to miceblue who is local to me after a quick review.

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Tell miceblue before he ships to me to confirm how he is shipping with me and based on his choice I'll pick an address. I hate the FedEx signature process as you've found for the same reasons. I may have to have it sent to my work.

Their drivers don't seem to try very hard to actually deliver the packages.......
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send him a PM

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West Coast Tour Update: I got them today. Will be handing them off to miceblue on Friday in person. At first glance everything appears to be in great shape. However, the plastic film over the metal box top gave me a scare before I realized it was a removable film - the wrinkles looked like scratches. Silly me. Now its time to listen.

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I shipped the HE560 to keanex on Friday 8/15.  There were already some scratches on the wooden box when I received it.  I packaged it up with the foam so hopefully there aren't any more scratches by the time it gets to keanex.  I had a little bit of time to compare it to my LCD-3C.

The soundstaging was pretty cool.  It really surrounds you.  LCD-3 puts it in front of you while this was like being on stage.  It doesn't have the LCD-3 bass which is unfortunate in my opinion. They have a really engaging sound courtesy of the imaging and soundstaging.  They compliment the Audeze headphones well.  I could see switching between them for different types of music.   I enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would.  Thanks for the opportunity to try them, Justin =)

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I will be going to pick up the Midwest He-560 as soon as I get off of work today. I'm very excited to try them out! smily_headphones1.gif
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Just for an update, the HE-560 on the west coast has been received by me today and I will ship them out to Oregonian on Monday.
As a heads-up, one of the cables for this unit is defective (the cable housing that goes into the earcup falls apart), so I placed it in a zip-lock bag and labeled it "Defective Cable Do Not Use." A working replacement cable is included with the unit as you can see in the box below.
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As miceblue mentioned above, we made the hand off today, so micebule - tag, your it. Thank you Justin for providing the opportunity to hear such an awesome headphone. I happened to have a HUGO in my possession during the audition and can assure everyone that it is a match made in heaven. I also got a chance to compare it to my LCD2.2 and my HD700. My review is posted at:




Thanks again Justin. If I decide to take the HE560 splurge, or buy any other audio equipment you carry, I will definitely be throwing my business your way. You have always been good to work with.

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All righty, I just dropped off the package at a local FedEx and they should arrive at the next recipient, Oregonian in a few days.

I posted my impressions in the HE-560 thread here:

But I'll just copy-paste it here as well to avoid having to click to another thread.

And my impressions video is uploaded.

  • Not a large treble peak
  • Smooth sound overall
  • Nice balanced frequency response
  • One of the most comfortable headphones I've had on my head
  • Good imaging ability

  • Flimsy cable
  • Plastic construction of the yokes and swivel pieces

I would definitely buy this if I had the money. I think it's one of the better headphones I've had the pleasure of listening to, and my favourite of the planar magnetic headphones.

Again, these are my impressions from the 3-day HeadAmp tour of the HE-560 (you can purchase a unit from them for $899) and I tried it through the Chord Hugo (touring unit), JDS Labs C5D, and Light Harmonic Geek Out.
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Would like it if the 3 people with the HE-560 would check in here

HeadAmp Audio Electronics - home of the Pico and Gilmore amps.  Now with Audeze, Fostex, HiFiMAN, Sennheiser, and STAX.
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I have the west coast pair and am waiting for an address from xero404 to send them to.

He said he has a wedding coming up and may have me skip him but I asked him to get approval from you.

I'm ready to ship tomorrow morning pending an address to whoever.
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