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Having the LCD-X tour unit for a few days, I decided to do an Audeze family shootout between the 2, 3, and the X – and added the Fostex TH900 for good measure. Using m2man’s $8K plus home setup including his Laptop > Off-Ramp 5 > PWDmkII > Schiit Mjolnir – not to mention a lot of power conditioning – we plugged two in at a time to quickly switch back and forth. With the LCD-X’s lower impedance, it made it harder to volume match, but the results were consistent up and down the volume range as we adjusted the volume.


IMO, compared to my LCD2.2, m2man’s LCD3 sound very similar in signature to the LCD2.2 but faster for a little more clarity, extended a little more on top, and a little sweeter especially in the mid frequency range. The LCD-X on the other hand, while retaining the Audeze house sound, seems to have a shifted signature. It feels shifted up in the frequency range and a little faster yet providing even greater clarity than my LCD2.2 or the m2man’s LCD3s. It’s not that the LCD-X is lacking in the bass department either, but the bass seems to be turned down a notch keeping it from getting in the way of the rest of the frequency range. The result is a very realistic sounding sound stage that is even wider and closer to being there. However, to me the LCD-X is all about the mids - the have sweeter sounding mids than I have ever heard before while integrating seamlessly into the rest of the frequency range. The Fostex TH900 is a very nice sounding headphone, but IMO the LCD-X was the clear winner. In fact, both m2man and I felt that the LCD-X swept the shootout easily.


As an added point of interest, I happened to have the X5 DAP tour unit at the same time so we took a listen on it as well. While using a DAP is an obvious step down from a good desktop setup, it is nice to be able to listen to quality sound without being chained to the desktop. The short of it is that the LCD-X scales down extraordinarily well providing a sound quality far closer to the m2man’s desktop sound that any other in the lineup. While this bodes well for the LCD-X, it also speaks to how high quality and authoritative of a sound that the X5 really puts out. I was quite impressed with the X5 and will be getting on at their launch. Scaling down is an often overlooked value point for a headphone, but one that is of particular importance for the LCD-X. For anyone interested in more details with the X5, you can find my X5 review with headphone pairings at:




NOTE: As much as it pains my heart to send away these headphones, they are being sent out today to claybum who is next on the tour.

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Ouch! Don't make the same mistake that I just made. I sent the LCD-X out FedEx per Justin's request. However, FedEx doesn't pick up nor deliver on the weekend so the LCD-X is sitting at the FedEx office until Monday morning. That means that I lost two days of listening time for no good reason. :mad: 

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Did some comparisons between the LCD-XC and the LCD2. Music was mostly classical but some rock as well in lossless and high-quality MP3 format. Source and amp were HeadRoom Balanced Max as well as my Merdian G08 plus Eddie Current Balancing Act. Headphones were listened to in balanced.


Pros. Compared to the LCD2, the LCD-XC offers more of pretty much everything. Instruments and voices are more full bodied, have greater weight. Separation and detail retrieval are better. Notes and voices are more nuanced and pronunciated. The bass while not deeper is stronger. The highs and sound stage are on par with the LCD2. The headphone is easier to drive than the LCD2. At the same volume, the XC is louder (or appears so). I find the XC to be very comfortable. On the whole, the music has more presence.


Cons. This greater presence is partly due to the presentation of the LCD-XC being more forward. This is not always a positive. There is a fine line between music having presence and the sound being aggressive. In addition, and probably related, the treble energy is strong. Some passages or recordings are irritating to listen to (bright). The LCD-XC is very different from the LCD2. Although better in most areas, it lacks the smooth, laid-back sound of the LCD2 that I have grown accustomed to.


In Sum. The LCD-XC is a wonderful looking and very solid sounding headphone. I often found myself entranced by the music. There are moments where, in these closed headphones, it is just you and the music to the exclusion of the outside. The price is a bit of a turn off although (I suppose) in line with other high-end headphones. On the other hand, I could see myself listening to these daily and deriving much enjoyment.


The headphones were dropped off at FedEx today. Next person should receive them in "one business day". Big thanks to Justin for setting up this program.



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How much are you guys insuring the LCDs for?
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Originally Posted by lextek View Post

How much are you guys insuring the LCDs for?

Justin had mentioned earlier in the thread to insure for 75% of retail value.
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Originally Posted by justin w. View Post

If you're not going to insure the shipment, which will cost about $15, then please let me know so I can take your name off the list

Also, PLEASE DO NOT USE USPS. Use FedEx Ground or UPS if you have to, with a signature requirement. Yes, i know everyone has stories about which carrier they hate the most. However after 10 years of shipping packages I know that anywhere in the country a USPS packge is far, far more likely to become lost, misdelivered, or subject to some kind of mail carrier shenanigans 
Originally Posted by justin w. View Post

you can insure it for 75% of retail price. that should automatically require a signature
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The LCD-Xs are on their way to Mac336. They are sweet.
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per FedEx, the LCD-XC was delivered today to the next person on the list.



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LCD-X (west coast) arrived today all safe and sound :D

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That's good to hear. I know that you will really like them, I did. We are all anxious to hear your thoughts.

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LCD-XC arrived yesterday. Very pretty headphone, but I wish it were lighter. I'm going to listen to them today and send them out to the next person tomorrow.

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LCD-X (west) on its way to thegrobe


I appreciate the opportunity Justin has given all us to listen to these fine headphones.


Will post some thoughts later, mainly in comparison to my last remaining high end phones, the HE-6

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LCD-XC was sent to the next person on the list and should arrive tomorrow.

Thanks Justin for the opportunity. Really enjoyed listening to these. I listened to them at my office and I do wish I got a chance to hear them with better amplification but still I found them efficient and enjoyable on a modest setup.

I thought they were comfortable and the weight didn't bother me. I did get a few funny looks wearing them since they are kind of bulky.

I could see myself living with these in a work setup as they provide good isolation and low leakage. I Like the open soundstage they present which is rare for a closed phone. I found the sound to be fairly balanced with a little more forward treble or upper mids and slightly recessed lower mids. Definitely didn't seem as warm as other Audeze headphones I've heard. Bass was kind of loose but I have no doubt that had to do with insufficient amplification.

Anyway really enjoyed these as a closed headphone but would be a little hesitant to own due to the price and bulk.
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Just got home and unfortunately the FedEx guy beat me there (I even left work early to try to beat them there!) but I am going to go to FedEx and pick them up. I will ship the LCD-XC's out to the next guy on Monday. Thanks again for this awesome opportunity!
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Glad to see the demo programs are moving along quite nicely. You guys are going to love the LCD-X and I imagine the LCD-XC is similarly awesome. Thanks again to Justin for an awesome opportunity indeed!

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