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Best balanced amp under $1000?

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Is there a general consensus on the best balanced amp for under $1000? I'm looking for balanced xlr inputs with a 4 pin xlr output with or without a 1/4" jack.
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There really aren't that many amps in the under 1k range. There's the Audio GD amps, Mjolnir, balanced M3 amp (which is DIY), the Matrix Quattro amp and that's all I can think of.



I love the Mjolnir but haven't heard the other stuff.

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You need to also specify what you're looking for in an amp preference wise.

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I think I have it narrowed to the Mjolnir and the Violectric HPA V181. Any thoughts on the 2? Currently it will be driving Denon 7100s and soon Audeze LCD-2s. However who knows what the next pair could be. Hifiman HE-6s are a possibility. I'm OK with a tube amp as well. I listen to mostly hip hop, electronic,rock , some classical.
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Under $1k retail finished based product I can only think of the Mjunior, some Audio-GD amp's and the V181's, you can possibly get some used units in the F/S section for around $1k or little bit less. 


But if you can handle yourself some DIY, there are a lot more options tube or solid state balanced platforms under and over $1k. The thing about DIY is that if you follow the normal BOM for the components and not going for any fancy wires, cap's, resistors then you can stay within budget easy and doesn't really cost a lot. If you really want your end product to look classy and neat looking than work on the case enclosure itself would probably be the most expensive thing out of everything else.

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The only under $1000 and  balanced amp from Audio-gd is the NFB-6 which is what I have and I love it.  The remote digital (no potentiometer) volume control is a terrific feature IMO.  It puts 5.92 watts into the 38 ohms of  my HE-500.

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Add the Little Dot Mk 6+ as a tube amp option.

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