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I just set up a new sound system and TV at my family's house. I bought a Rega turntable and installed an Ortofon 2m Blue on it. It is running directly from the receiver I bought, the Denon 3313ci. The sound is in no way bad, it is just slightly underpowered I feel, and the bass a little too prominent compared to the rest of the sound. Needs some crispness.


It would be a bonus if the unit has both headphone amp and phono stage/preamp - but most importantly is that the phono preamp will perform better than what is already in the Denon.


Budget is around $400 maximum.


I have looked at:


1) Clearaudio Nano

2) Bellari VP-530

3) Vincent Audio PHO-8

4) Cambridge 651p

5) Creek OBH-18

6) Lehmann Black Cube

7) Pro-ject Tube Box S


It would be a huge bonus if someone knows of a unit that includes a good headphone amp!

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