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Vorzuge VorzAmp Duo Inside & Disappointment

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I did the same thing ! Had to send it back today because it quit charging ! It sounded fine but not 500 fine and my main disappointment was I sent it back to Singapore ? I was thinking I purchased a piece of German engineering not to take anything away from Singapore but just sayin ! I will not sway from ALO or RSA again guess we can add this to tuition costs of an audiophile not all reviews can be trusted and if the reviewer sold his ALO Continental V2 to keep the Vor well maybe he needs some medical help !! I will say the customer service people are helpful and friendly and I think they are German
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There's something odd here.  Two very similar slamming posts from very recent and low-traffic members.  I'm reporting this thread to the moderators for review.


I have the Vorzuge Pure.  It's a fantastic piece of gear, better than nearly any other portable amp I've ever heard and as good as any other (I have fairly wide experience at the top end of the portable market).  I've also had some dealings with customer service - not over any problem, but with a possible modification - and they've been great.

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Originally Posted by Chelo View Post

again I made the mistake of basing my purchase exclusively by reading reviews online. 

I find that it is by far too much like playing the lottery to buy unheard. I heard my recently bought Head-Fi kit at the National Audio Show, tried with my own headphones and I was totally gobsmacked. So I bought it. I have been quite chuffed with the results since.

Many years ago when I bought my main HiFi I spend a lot of time going around and listening to stuff ((I was dropping a lot of money for the mid 90's). Of course I had read all the Magazines (that is what we had in the old days before the internet) and I first went after the kit that got great write-ups. So much of the Kit I auditioned then sounded just totally pants. Non of the stuff I ended up buying had been reviewed big and I went way over my budget even though I got a bargain on a Shop Demo for the CD-Player. But it just sounded totally brilliant and it still does after all that time.

Of the well over 15 Years I had the set-up I had to get the speakers repaired once because the foam rotted, the tube amp's blew up a few times and I had to my CD-Player for service with Naim twice. Every time something broke I went out to listen if I should buy something new rather than fix. Each time I went back and had my set fixed. I have yet to hear anything that makes me want to buy it more than it makes me want to get back what I had.

I could have just bought the "Top-Recommended" kit that magazines where pushing and I probably would not have been very happy with the results.

Cheers Rich

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This is pretty interesting.

Looks like they use http://uk.farnell.com/xp-power/il0512s/converter-dc-dc-2w-12v/dp/8728119 for the power section. But that only generates the plus side of the supply. Maybe another chip on the inverts the supply for bipolar?

Really not that hard to build your own amp and make it decent sounding. Making it rechargeable and having the treble-bass circuit is pretty hard though.

Apex Glacier internals, that thing is complicated...
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 As I had mentioned earlier my Vorzuge quit working and customer service requested I send it back so they could trace the problem. It became apparant why the cost is somewhat higher than expected because of freight $95 to Fed X it to Singapore . As soon as I gave Vorzuge the tracking number they sent a new replacement unit which was Monday to my suprise the new unit arrived Wednesday ! The first unit must of had a problem beyond charging because this one sounds great, almost equal to the sound of ALO V2 Continental which is in the same price bracket. Today customer service credited to my paypal account over half the shipping cost and would have credited 100 % if I would have used a cheaper method of shipping. I am very pleased with this amp and would purchase it again ! Hopefully this post will not offend the high traffic poster that finds it odd that such a newbie to this forum should have a negative experience with their gear ?  

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I've gotta say that I've seen a lot of portable amp boards and that looks like crap.

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