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Just bought EarSonics sm3 v2 and Sennheiser IE80 -- NEED HELP!

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Hey guys,


This is my first time posting but I've been reading this forum for a while. The past few years I've only used "lower-end" IEMs -- first Shure e2c's, then Klipsch image s4's, and now currently using Zagg buds. I really love listening to music and my Zagg buds are starting to go out on me, so I wanted to invest a little bit more money and get something nicer. I originally looked at some full headphones, and was close to buying the Sennheiser HD-598s, but realized that I do most of my listening on-the-go now, and a huge, open set of headphones is not what I needed. 


Long story short, after a few months of research and a lot of reading on this forum, I basically narrowed my choices down to 2 IEMs: EarSonics SM3 v2 and Sennheiser IE80. I'm personally a huge bass-head, and really wanted a pair of IEMs that gave me deep, booming bass, even if it sacrifices a bit of detail or quality. Although I had read that the SM3's didn't have the booming bass of some of the other high-end IEMs, the reviews were so fantastic that I decided to get them first. I've had them for a few weeks now, and I will say the detail and sound quality is pretty amazing. However, I just found the bass to be completely lacking, so about a week ago I bought the Sennheiser IE80's as well (with the intent to return one of them). The bass was definitely better, but just not what I imagined. I've read about people saying the bass was too much, but with the bass tuned all the way up on the headphones and with the stock tips replaced with comply tips to get a better seal, it still doesn't even feel sufficient. To be quite honest, the bass from my Zagg buds sounds more powerful than both of them. 


So here I am now, with all 3 sets in front of me, trying to figure out what to do. I don't want to go back to the Zaggs and have nothing to replace them, but I also don't want to spend $300 for a set of IEMs that doesn't sound like a pretty big upgrade from what I have before. So what should I do? Is there another pair with heavier bass (turbine pro coppers? westone 4? fx700?)? Should I give them time to burn in? 


(Side note: I'm not using an amp for any of these. I've tested them on my desktop/laptop, iPod, phone, etc., and it's been pretty much the same everywhere).


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I haven't got them yet, but the JVC FXZ series are supposed to have some of the best bass you can get at the moment. They're triple-dynamic drivers - one of which is a subwoofer. Check out the thread dedicated to them.
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Do you think it's going to be substantially greater bass than the IE80 though? I feel like I must be missing something here. Whether it's an EQ issue, or not having an amp, or the quality of music or something. I just don't understand how the same IEMs that led some people to say that the bass was TOO much (IE 80s with comply tips) have less powerful-sounding bass than my $70 Zagg buds with stock tips.

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Sometimes people talk about bass in terms of quantity, quality or extension. It can be hard o figure out what they mean by calling IEMs "bassy". Some people also seem to just like a vast quantity of bass regardless of whether it overpowers the other frequencies or not - for most audiophiles that's unacceptable. But the success of the Beats line seems to indicate that a lot of people like that overpowering bass.

I haven't heard either IEM, to be honest, but I do have a feeling that a dedicated subwoofer in your IEM is your best bet of getting a nice, big bass sound in an IEM. Some have considered it overpowering, most find it great after burn-in.

Remember that seal and insertion depth are also a factor, so one of those might be why you have a problem.

And finally, there are loads of fake IE80s - if you didn't get it from an authorized reseller, that's a possibility. Another possibility is, of course, that your pair is defective.
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What bitrate do you have your mp3 files at, that could also be a factor.  Better equipment revealing the flaws and all that.



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^What he said.


Also, when you're too used to certain IEM, that IEM became the "ideal" for your ears, and when you try other IEM, the other IEM doesn't sound good to your ears. Sometimes your ears needs time to acclimate/get used to the new IEM.


So here's my advice to you, borrowing the words of a certain veteran head-fi user:


"My best advice is this: stick with an earphone. If after several months or weeks of constant listening you still don't like it, it's not for you. If you listen to it and immediately dislike it, that is your fault".


Or perhaps you just like IEMs with over-the-top bass output. In that case, try Atomic Floyd IEMs, Velodyne vPulse or Future Sonics Atrios. They all have boatload of bass output.

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The best subwoofer in your head sound comes from the awesome um3x in my opinion.  The bass on these phones is exactly what I think you are describing. 

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Or maybe the GR07 bass edition?  Have not heard it though...

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FX700 has the best bass I've ever heard in an iem by far but it's needs an amp to really bring it out. Also the Atrio has the most sub bass quantity but lacks impact.
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yamaha eph-100

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Originally Posted by noxa View Post

FX700 has the best bass I've ever heard in an iem by far but it's needs an amp to really bring it out. Also the Atrio has the most sub bass quantity but lacks impact.

fx700's are awesome, although the new craze seems to be the JVC's FXZ-200's, cheaper too. check out that thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/632273/jvc-ha-fxz-100-200


I considered grabbing another pair of FX700's after I lost them, but these seem awesome and the majority of impressions are extremely positive

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I think fs atrio m5 is wad u r looking for
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The Denon C300 offers strongest deep punchy dynamic bass and i compared it with IE80 side by side and bass amount on C300 much more than IE80 and surprisingly very crisp clear overall soundqualiy and shows more details in music with huge soundstage(highly recommended) and i own UE SF5EB, TF10Pro, IE8, IE80, FX700 (FX700 are also bassheavy IEMs with some deep reverbing bass and overall very detailed with large soundstage, recommended). So i will recommend to try Denon C300 or FX700 over IE80 because i felt the same thing bass is not that heavy on IE80.

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Any word on how the FX700 compares to the FXZ-200?

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Sent SM3's back. Been reading a lot about the FX700 and especially the FXZ200's. Can anyone speak to what differences I will hear in those IEMs (especially the FXZ's) compared to the IE80s?

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