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For Sale:
FS: Silverline SR-12 speakers, Metallic Blue, cosmetically "challenged" but great sound

Will Ship To: USA

I am the third owner, the second owner got these in this condition, several chips in the metallic blue veneer. Functionally great, though, with no damage to drivers or internals.  Has the excellent Silverline sound: big, smooth, with surprising bass for the size.


Pics show some of the chips.  They look a lot better in normal light, even though up close they easily show the chips. I never tried to touch them up, for fear of not matching the nice metallic blue look.


Have box for shipping, prefer US only for now, though.


Price includes PayPal, I never charge fees


Local (MA/NH) folks can save ~$35-40+ on shipping (USPS parcel post insured).




Todd - skullguise

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