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CES 2013 - lots of celeb headphones  

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Anyone else get across? Just got back today from Vegas, show was pretty busy. Lots of celebrity endorsed headphones, including a pair endorsed by Tebow...!

Sennheiser stand was nice and they've posted up a video, I have some footage of Axell Grell myself, which I will post up once I get a chance to edit it.

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Here's an entertaining article on the subject. Even Snooki has headphones coming out. FRIGGING SNOOKI!

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Yep, have to say, most of them sounded crap...why can't they spend as much cash on R&D as they do on promoting them?

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Because the target market doesn't care or know.

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Why? Just why?

Tim Tebow cans - um yeah at $300 thems gotta be good. UGH, BLETCH!

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