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Best all around for newbie

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After lurking it appears that this forum is incredibly knowledgable and I am not.  I have some basic earbuds (Klipsch image x10) but want some over ear headphones.  I am in law school and spend almost my entire day in the library or my apartment studying and listen to film scores/classical/piano a lot.  I also listen to hip-hop and metal when I'm not studying (varied tastes).  


So..I'm looking for:

1. over ear

2. preferably closed, but can be open

3. Film score, piano, hip hop, metal (in that order of importance)

4. Trying to keep it under $250


Not looking for an amazing thing but something decent and all around.  I was looking at the ATH-M50 and Beyerdynamic DT 770 and 990.  Please help me with other suggestions as well.


Thank you

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Double post, sorry
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I cant think of any better "all rounder" than the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (COP) (in this price range anyway)

They are indeed closed

Variable boost of bass on 4 levels, so you can experiment around a bit aswell

they are fairly easy to drive with a 16 ohm impedance.

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OP, amongst the ones you listed I think M50 would be best for starters, I've tried them out before comparing to my HD650 yet haven't personally owned it - but strongly considering it for portable use. I preferred its bass, which should work well with what you want to listen to, but weaker midrage (compared to the HD650 at least) I think you might want to avoid the DT990s (if that's the ones you're referring to) simply because 1) they're open and might not be ideal if you decide to listen to them in a library 2) they might be a bit too bright.

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Thanks, I'm not limited solely to what I listed. But those two recommendations are what I was expecting. Any more feedback would be great.
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i was thinking of the M50 as well. something nice but nothing too unfamiliar about it.

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So I'm probably going to order the M50s and COP and see which one I like and return the other.

Any other suggestions before I place my order?
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Maybe HE 500 

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I also prefer the dt770, but not the 32 ohm version dt770, i find the rest require an amp, and in this case at least i feel COP is far more efficient

I also agree with "the M50 is not a very good headphone" its okay for its price range, but nothing special really.. that's why its recommended so much, because there isn't anything severely wrong with it. but i don't agree with the treble, its quite screechy at times and came across as painful on a few tracks. i find the bass monotonous as opposed to good.

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I think you should save money and buy either somic mh463 or efi82mt
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My vote goes for the dt770. It's closed, very well made, and has a newbie friendly sound signature that's a little v shaped/bass heavy. The m50's are similar but a big step down all around, especially comfort.

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agree the DT770 is a really good option too

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I own a pair of M50s and what cakensaur said "but i don't agree with the treble, its quite screechy at times and came across as painful on a few tracks." is completely accurate. They are a pretty good headphone though and as a first high end headphone you may not even realize there is anything off about them. The M50s aren't a bad first but especially since price isn't too high and all around they are pretty good. And the M50 may also be uncomfortable for you as well, there was a clamp at the top of my head when I first got them that somewhat went away after stretching but still slightly bothers me, but on the other hand my brother has always found them comfortable and never complained of a clamp. So that may be another consideration when choosing a pair.
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