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Upgrade path from DT990 and K702

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Long story short i've been hit with upgradeitis and I need some opinions from the more experienced members.


My current Setup


320Kbp/FLAC songs-->Bifrost-->Hifiman EF-5-->DT990/K702


My go to headphones are the DT990 600ohms and once in a while i'll use the K702s.


I generally like very musical songs and i'm not much of a bass head


I was considering the HE-500 but i've looked into several threads that mentioned the EF-5 and HE-500 might not be the best match so i'm stuck considering what I can do at this point if my budget is less than $500.


Also considered the HE-400 or HD600 but not sure if that'd be an upgrade or sidegrade.

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Jono, I replied to your post in the other thread regarding the sound of the HE-500 and HD 650 from the EF-5 amp.  See that thread for my response.


Considering you own the K702, SR60, and DT 990: it seems that you like a bright sounding phone.  Would this be accurate?  Are you looking for something with: A similar sound?  A complement this sound?

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HE-400 is a definite upgrade and matches well with what you have.


Alt, maybe an Ultrasone PRO 2900.


Very best,

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There's no clear upgrade path from DT990 and K702 in sound quality as these are already top level cans in my opinion. If you want another sound signature/character, that's a different story.

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