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For Sale:
Amperex CV2492 Gold Pin Tube - Made in Holland - One Tube (6DJ8 / 6922) **PRICE DROP**

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling one Amperex CV2492 Gold Pin Tube. According to the codes, this is a tube that's been produced in Holland.


These tubes typically go for $75-100 on ebay. Why am I selling it for $35? Because while it is hands down the best sounding tube I own, there is some light tube hiss that comes and goes in one channel. It's not something you can hear while listening to music, but I'm just picky with my tubes these days. I gave up a little musical detail in favor of 100% silence all the time.


I can't find the product page anymore, but this was produced in 1958, and tested 95% of a new value.


$25 35 all inclusive takes this near-gem, anywhere in the world. 

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