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b22 problems (urgent!!!!)

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i need some experts here to help me as i am totally lost with the faults my b22 is currently showing.


let me describe to one by one,


1. initially, everything seem fine except that the led brightness look kind of weak on the left side of the board (orientation of the board will be heatsink on top)


2. all the heatsink on 3 boards were cold but sound produce were fine,


3. i tried to take reading on r9 for the 4.5v for the 3 suspected faulty boards and all readings were 0.


4. even when i adjust vr1, reading on r9 still remains unchanged. sound produced was still fine at this point.


5. i tried to take reading on r10 and suddenly some sparks occurred. however on visible checks, no burned or damaged parts (i am very careful on this thus i am pretty sure i did not short circuit any parts)


6. i did the same to try get readings from r10 on the other 2 faulty boards and similar events happened. sparks occurred.


7. after i got sparks from all 3 boards when i am just trying to get reading on r9 and r10, the sound produced on balance mode became aweful. only the left side of my headphone has proper sound coming through while right side was crackling


8. when switch to se mode, i seem to be listening to karaoke with only music playback and the voice sounds like an echo from behind,



anyone knows what is wrong and what i can further do to fix the problem? i would appreciate all help very much. Thanks.

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Sorry to hear of your experience.  Unfortunately, sparking with solid-state parts can be very bad.  Don't assume that things are OK because they don't look damaged or burned.


Maybe you should post this on AMB's forum?  I'm sure you would get a response from him. smily_headphones1.gif

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Yes, post on AMB forums. Ti is quick to answer there.

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Did you get help? if not maybe can help you.

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