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Decibullz microwavable custom fit IED headphones at CES

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Not sure how I feel about these. Seems like they are going mass market instead of high quality.






Anybody heard them?

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Decibullz' CES booth was crowded but I got a demo fitting. Easy to mold & comfy as per the claims in the slashdot vid. Felt like they'd keep my head cooler during workouts compared to buds jammed in my ears. Sound was MUCH better than I expected for $60. Tried to buy a pair to wear during the show but Decibullz stuck to the CES no-direct-sales policy. I ordered a couple  from the website & will update this after I put them through a workout.

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The name kinda scares me for a bit there microwable ied..... Thats is rather

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Aww, wish they could make universal fitted molds. That way you could use them on any universal IEM.

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I work for Decibullz and we are currently developing molds that will work with a variety of popular earphones/IEM stay tuned!

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There was a review posted on Gizmodo about them today. Not particularly great but like with anything on Gizmodo, take it with a grain of salt.

They also do sell their molds as an accessory. Anyone want to buy some and fit them on to some other existing IEMs and see how it affects the sound?

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Tried out my Decibullz system yesterday. Molding was fast, easy like the CES demo. Good fit on the first try & redid one for a better angle/sound. On a 2-hour run/climb they stayed put & were comfortable, as in I forgot they were there & didn't want to take them out when I was done. Didn't budge or build up heat in my head like buds. Soooo simple. way cheaper than audiologist fitting. Someone should've come up with this years ago. No silicone or jamming buds in your ear. Yahoo. An underwater version would be great, though. (Tnx for posting Gizmodo review, a.h. I have no problems with the sound. The reviewer favors a neck-anchored system with foam covers -- neither are OK for my workouts -- that he says hurts after a half hour?)

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Originally Posted by Decibullz View Post

I work for Decibullz and we are currently developing molds that will work with a variety of popular earphones/IEM stay tuned!
Any idea of which models, estimated release date?
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That'll be cool when they get them to work with a lot of other IEM's like Comply, I'd buy some for my IEM's for sure to see how well they work.

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hrmm... 10 bucks for the molds isn't bad at all. It might make my MH1C's more enjoyable as a workout IEM.

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I just found this video about remolding the decibullz.




So, it seems that the core can be removed and the material reshaped.  I don't see why the material couldn't be applied directly to the stem of any iem.  I've got a TF10 and think I will be ordering a set of these to try out.  Not much risk if they won't work at all.

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Well, they arrived today.  Here's what happened:






The white part is hard at first.  The rubber core slips out easily.




The core fit over the TF10 but wasn't too tight.




The end of the nozzle stuck out by about 1mm.




After heating (1 minute in water in microwave, then 2 minutes resting in the water).  The white plastic turns clear.




I turned on some music and molded the piece into my ear.  The first time, I didn't like the way it was going so I removed it, put it back in the water and started again.  I guess I have pretty big ear canals - I use the Monster large supertips.  The second time, it fit better.




The finished product.




So, the process worked.  The material stays on the TF10.  The end result is pretty comfortable.  Much better than the supertips.  The seal isn't as good, so the bass isn't as loud/boomy.  I'm not sure whether that is a problem for me.  If I push on them, the bass definitely gets louder, but they will not stay that way on their own.  The isolation seems pretty good, at least as good as before.  I'm going on a flight this weekend, so I will give them a better test for isolation.


There is only one (potentially major) issue so far.  I'm not sure I can get the material off.  I'm sure if I pull hard enough, I will crack the TF10 first.  If I decide I don't like them, I guess I will try microwaving a wet towel and holding it to try to warm/soften the material.


Overall, the TF10 probably isn't the best choice for this treatment.  Since I have large ear canals, I was able to get the bud in deep enough to make a decent seal.  With smaller ears, I'm not sure it would hold.

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Hey posnera, 


This is sweet! Thanks for posting! 


If you want to remove the material I would suggest heating the material with a blow dryer slowly until the material softens just enough to remove it. As far as a the seal it all depends on how well you mold them and the shape and size of your ears. The Decibullz adapters were designed to only work with our earphones but we have found other earphone brands that work well. We are currently developing molds that will be compatible with more brands. 


I'm currently testing some prototype Decibullz bluetooth earphones. The molds do a great job of keeping the heaver buds from falling out. 



Decibullz Custom Earphones 

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Right now we are developing molds for the mass market earbuds (I know...) like Apple, Skullcandy, Beats etc... They should be available in the next couple of months. I would like some suggestions on what earphones we should be developing molds for. 

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I ended up remolding them this weekend. I used a wet towel in the microwave and was able to remove the molds without any damage.
I tried to keep the material more on the tip to improve isolation.
Unfortunately, these molds just don't seal well enough with the TF10. The isolation isn't very good and the bass is very soft. Pushing in on the headphones restores the bass, but I think the weight of the TF10, even with wires over the ear, makes a good seal impossible.
I'm going back to the SuperTips for now and am considering the ACS custom sleeves.
Decibullz will probably work best for lighter weight earbuds and those whose bass isn't totally dependent on a good seal.
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