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Best speakers in my budget?

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Budget is around 100 dollars and i prefer to buy locally: vancouver canada. Anything in bestbuy is a plus as i have a gift card there for 50 dollars. This is for my girlfriend who listens to pop and trance dubstep, and alot of beaty music and she loves her bass, so something with a subwoofer i guess. Thanks guys!
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Hmm for sq Id say the M-audio Studiophile AV40's, there $150 but they should match amazon down to $120 or what ever you can find them for. The only think is that if you wanting a sub your probably going to want 1 of the logitech 2.1's even thought there the things I usually steer people away from and to something like the AV40's but the AV40's with the 4" speaker just wont put out a ton of bass, they will sound way better than probably anything your useto but the 2.1's will sound somewhat better with a lot more bass.


Either the 523 or 623 should be decent.

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