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Now I have finally converted my music th Flac and got an external amp. for the first time I have noticed that playing through the microsd slot using LO gives different sound quality (inferior) to playing through the main internal memory. Through the card there is a little less bass, midrange is less detailed as well as being slighly brighter, treble seems identical. I never noticed this through the HO with my 320kbps mp3 or even the 192kbps mp3 files for obvious reasons. This is rather annoying as the only way this player has any capacity is via the expansion port. So does anyone know (in simple terms) why this is the case? Is it common on most players that the sound is degraded slightly via the expasion port? The files don't sound that terrible and I can't tell any difference with earbuds/IEMs. Could the expansion slot be modified, there are other mods for this player. A shame that the capacity is effectively reduced from 75GB to 15GB.