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I wonder if it sounds similar to ES10

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Originally Posted by Achmedisdead View Post

Interesting, you think that way about the FC700, and ljokerl described them like this in his big review....

My impression is right between the two of To my ears, they don't extend terribly far in either the low or high range, but they're nicely balanced and pleasing, with no EQ required.

Just proves the old adage, everyone's ears are different! smile_phones.gif
Slightly off topic but I stand by my review dated Oct 2010.
Maybe there was a difference in the "A" model?
Originally Posted by Maxx134 View Post

I recently bought these Audio Technica ATH-FC700A.
Very open, very very detailed, realistic, bright and lean mids with deep low end.
very flat mid to highs. very clear midrange.
for headphones they sound very large, but the bass is strange, especially in break-in period.
there was more subsonic feeling sound, which went away as the driver gained more control.
It goes very low, but at same time sounds lacking in overall bass region around 90hz.
This is because alot of other headphones of this type have an increased colored bass, but this one does not.. It is very flat.
I boost my portable's EQ only 3db in 90Hhz region to get that thickness I am used to.
Break in period gave even more midrange detail and tighter-controlled bass, instead of more bass.
I would rather have a bassy-er headphones, but cannot go back to duller sounding cans after hearing these.


After a year and compared to my SonyV6 and Klipsh one, I am dissatisfied as they are still too lean and bright and while bass is there it is thinly in backgraound and not as punchy as it should be for a closed can with 40mm drivers frown.gif

osted more comments here:

I had  both black and white versions from Amazon.
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Originally Posted by paugustin View Post

So far it seems to be an improved version of the ES7 and that's exactly what I was looking for !
Are they the same cup size so these will fit?:
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I don't have the es7 anymore but speaker have the same size so earpads might be compatible.

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I found out that my package is still with the LA customs..The problem is it seems LA customs has a nasty habit of holding onto EMS shipments from over seas as long as they want. They had my package since the 16th..So I have my fingers crossed that my ES700 will somehow eventually will find their way to me.

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Good luck, hope you'll get them fast!

As for the earpads I can confirm that they have the exact same size as the es7.

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Out of box. These things sound brilliant. These do have a nice clamp from open box. The top band is a thinner piece of metal for the headband. So these will go on some books. Sound wise..I will write some impressions soon.


I am very impressed with this sound.. It has a real nice clean smooth high quality energetic sound to them. But I don't consider these bright for AT. It has spectacular clarity and detail in the sound.. Yet crazy smooth at the same time.. I am completely surprised how great these things sound..More soon. 

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So these will replace S500 as your go-to portable.

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The apparent level of tuning on these cans are exceptional. These don't have a boxed in sound from them at all. Some type of trickery but the sound has a touch of air to it and has a solid amount of stage for portables. Surprising amount of depth and stage on these cans. Very surprising.  Passive isolation is above average for portables.. Could be better but music even with low volumes will shut out most of outside noise.


To think this is the sound out of the box..The tuning and the way this headphone sounds..These headphones only come 2nd to my AD900X in sound already. That my friends is a surprise right out the box.. The highs do seem to show some forwardness that is standard AT issue but what is surprising is how controlled the sound is and the stage on these cans are very surprising. I don't see vents anywhere. The stage is a medium level but it almost sounds more spacious than that.. I keep on looking at the cups..The sound is full bodied and over all sound has a real nice range to it..The smoothness is what gets me. The highs have a real nice level of clarity and extension with no roll off or spikiness I can detect. Not bright or harsh in any way... And this is out of box. No burn in. I have to admit I was stressing quite a bit about the package but it was all worth it. To get these... I can imagine some of ATs nice high end closed cans being like these..These have the smoothness, natural balance, detail level,. The sound is something you can be proud of at the same time having the looks to cap it off.. Very nice set of cans for on the go. Style like none before it... The clamp has loosened already quite a bit from open box. They have just the right amount of clamp on my head now..


The bass end of these cans are marvelous. IT is the tight full bodied when called for and very refined. Heck the whole sound is highly refined. As nice as the HA-S500s are and they have been fun.. These are a very nice upgrade to them.  It has the right combination of smoothness, refinement, clarity, tonality, solid toned bass perfection w very nice extension and texture..Vocals on these cans are only second to my AD900X. Musical presentation surrounds you with a very refined sound. I can see myself grabbing for these over many full sized cans I own let alone portables..None of my portables sound like these or come close..

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Wow, nice upgrade to the S500, second only to the AD900X.........sounds like the next one is always better than the last.  My S500's going for sale, I gotta try these!


Somic's arrive tommorrow, have to sell them right away in favor of the new ATH miracle!


Another CCAW voice coil...........

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I have got to stop reading Dsnuts threads. It always make me want to go out and buy stuff.

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Only $170 shipped EMS from HM5 pads, O-rings, and silver/copper wire cable upgrade these might best the AD900X!  They both have CCAW voice coils!

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^LMAO cute you bandwagon hopper hipster you!!! I'll give you $50 for those S500 of yours ASAP. biggrin.gif Man if you're really gonna sell those for $250 = mind blown.


And what is that god awful avatar of yours.confused_face_2.gif blink.gif My eyes, my eyes!!! Damn you sure have impeccable taste in women.


edit: Same here RoMee, triportsad.gif That Ds mind control.

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I am burning them in stretched like this.. The headband remind me quite a bit of the M-80 headband. It is pliable meaning you can bend them out. I stretched the headband out and they have loosened up much more so..I know on ears is not the cups of choice for most but I am convinced to get this type of sound from these cans for a full sized version will cost considerably more for similar sound tuning from AT.. These sound better than my A900X closed cans and is almost there with the AD900X. Surprising.. AT is using all their know how in these cans. In other words the sound tuning of these cans vs something like a UE6000. These cans leave them behind in SQ for much less than them.. 

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