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I found these on ebay real cheap and think they may fit as alternative to the ws55 pads?

What do you think?
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Those are certainly cheap, I can tell the material is vinyl. Could be worth a look. Might be more comfier than the stock pads.

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Originally Posted by cky8 View Post

I have a ES-700 heading my way which still can take ages. Customs here..

Anyhows I will rip off the earpads from my ESW11LTD and see if they fit on the ES700. If it works out then I should order a pair of leather HP-ESW10 earpads since those should fit as well then. Really I was just settling on the stock earpads until Dsnuts complained so badly about it. Well if I am going to change it for comfort I will change it good!

Would love to know how this works out. Anyone know if there are any differences in the pads between the esw9, esw10, and esw11 series?
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Originally Posted by dwong View Post

Would love to know how this works out. Anyone know if there are any differences in the pads between the esw9, esw10, and esw11 series?
In the es10 thread they discuss this very topic.
It is said the esw11 & esw9 are preferred,
With the esw9 being the most supple/soft.
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Ok so my protectors came in,
And not soon enough, as I have attained a few hairline scuff marks on the super glossy mirrored brushed metal finish.
The look of these cups is an utter wonder of just how they did it.

Since these were meant for the es7, they are slightly smaller but look great anyway except for the fact that the protector has to dry a day to reach full transparency

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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post



LOL wut

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I will just use a microfiber cloth to keep the cups clean and shiny once in a while wink.gif

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Originally Posted by cky8 View Post

I will just use a microfiber cloth to keep the cups clean and shiny once in a while wink.gif
Actually they come with a special excellent grey cloth that actually grabs dust & oil very easily on one pass!
I didn't have to wash/clean the cups as the surface is sooo polished I just used the cloth.
Anyway now they look just as good but with protection smily_headphones1.gif
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Ah I almost forgot they included that in the package. Very thoughtful of ATH. The ES700 has been shipped today. I also ordered an Oyaide HPC-62J cable. It is hard to find this type of cable in good quality. Gotta connect that ES700 into my Svetlana 2 amp!

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I am finding the mids so uncolored with a very transparent quality,
and the treble so detailed yet it is strange because it is not necessarily bright can,
it is more like having an extended treble.
Of course with a different signature, all music is now presented differently,
And it is extended listening where you find if they are to your liking, for your ears.
I will be comparing to the rich wet sound of the m100 this weekend.
Too bad my m80 took on a new owner for Valentines Day, lol.
They had very desireable sound & considered my favorite portable before these.
More impressions.
M100 more soundstage depth, middle row, slight more lower mids and sweeter.
Es700 more front row dynamic and immersive and alive.
Bass has more dynamic impact hit on 700
Bass thicker & richer, yet same loudness on m100
Upper mids to treble have more space and depth on700
Both have the live quality, and thoroughly musical.
Not many cans given that urge to keep listening as these two.
If I could I would keep both and actually use the m100 for portable,
As the 700 are wider and trick me 2 turn my head and have an immersion better suited to listen at home to enjoy without distraction.
The sweeter m100 for on the go & the 700 is more critical listening. Amazing cans.
I am thinking these are extremely light for the size.
Excellent comfort

Now Convinced these 700 are my favorite.
Amazing the clarity has now reached into the bass & sub bass with break in.
Amazing nuances & realism in Sub bass that I thought was outside rumble not in the music.
Had to pause & also take off headphones to realize it was not outside sounds.
Even when owning the fast excellent bass on k167 tiestos I never recalled this effect on a set of cans before. Yet I never owned large open cans so have 2 take that into consideration.
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Originally Posted by Maxx134 View Post

I didn't need to create any account as I just went here:

That's where I was going to order mine from too.

The price is amazingly low at the moment. biggrin.gif
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Double post.
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Damn this thread for making me want to buy the ES700 too, and the worst part is, I might actually go through with it. As an owner & fan of the ES7, I can't help but want to hear the ES700!

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Es700 will make your es7 seem like a toy.

Side note:
I recommend getting the es7 "best skins ever" protector as it saved my headphones when I bashed my head against my car hatch that didn't open high enough because of the cold & I wasn't looking while throwing groceries in.
The stainless steel abosbed the impact well and saved my life lol.
I probably would be really pissed off if I got a scratch this early.
The black gloss brushed surface of these es700 is sooo much sexier than the original mirror of the es7.

ALSO another note, after researching pads I have come full circle to have to agree with DSnuts on selecting the ws55 pads for most plush padded fit & largest with good sound isolation.

The esw11 pads are second for snug fit & better seal &sound isolation over the next one (esw9) yet not as padded as either.

The esw9 pads come third for softest supple lambskin fit yet lesser sound isolation from lesser seal. Not over padded & slightly shallow on inner diameter as opposed to the edge.
Probably better for odd shaped or large ears.
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I currently have the Sony MDR 1r... is the ES700 an upgrade or a sidegrade?

I listen mostly to Rock, Metal, Classical and occasionally some EDMs.

If it's an upgrade, I might end up selling my MDR frown.gif

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