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headphones for movies

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hey, can some one please suggest me some good headphones for movies and gaming. i have cosidered buying 5.1 headphones for my laptop. if ther are any good please suggest my budget is around 100$ and i need perfect surround sound with good bass.

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And i forget to say that i dont have much knowledge about good headphones so you can also recommend some other type of headphones. :)

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Creative Aurvana Live Headphones.  $75 on amazon.  I don't think your gonna get surround sound unless you plan on paying a little extra for a fiio e7, eo7k, or e17 if you can, or a good soundcard.

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thanks for your suggestion MadMolly !

i need some more options...

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Just to be clear, this is a pc setup correct?  If so do you have any idea on what your sound card is?

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ya this is setup on my laptop ( acer aspire 5740g ) n it has a minimal built in sound card.

i have heard of headphones with internal sound cards for ex. arctic p531 so is it good , do i steel require an amp?

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Imo amping never hurts and almost always improves sound, but amping isnt always required for a good sound. You should be focused settling on a pair of headphones first, then once you get them try them out and decide for yourself if they really REQUIRE an amp.
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Thnx MadMolly
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So i just bought this corsair vengeance 1500
And i find the sound to be pretty good for gaming and movies.
Evrything seems to be fine jus hoped for a slightly better bass.
Can someone suggest me a good headphone amp to go with the headphones .

Is getting an amp realyy worth it ??

I use my headphones for my acer laptop 5740g ..
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Isn't that headset a usb one?  If you want to use it's built in 3d surround features, you won't need the amp as it is driven by the usb.

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You mean to say there isn't any amp
For a usb driven headphone??
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I haven't heard of an amp with USB output.  The headset itself is already getting power through the USB so I don't see the point in getting one.  Additionally, a USB headset will bypass your existing sound card because your PC will recognize it as a separate sound device completely.  If you like the sound on your headset though, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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No amp works with usb. You can't do anything about the bass except equalize it. Find a guide, and remember never to equalize by sliding the sliders up.

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Ok thanks
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