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For Sale: FS: Leckerton Audio UHA-6s mk II

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For Sale:
FS: Leckerton Audio UHA-6s mk II

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bought about a month ago;

it's a wonderful piece of equipment... never heard such a transparent amplifier. it makes everything sound better.

It can be used also as an external SoundCard (it has a built in DAC, Creative's flagship - the CS4398).


many reviews here said it is even better than the O2, which is a reference of its own.

comes with OPA8610 inside.


outside review:


Selling, because I am just not using it enough on the road (where i started to use my cellphone again).



I am including a "Nokia" USB cable, which is stiffer (more meat to it), and shorter than the standard 1$ usb cable it came with. (see pic).

It still has warranty (was bought originally on the 7th of 2012).


I am shipping worldwide , and the expensive shipment is already included in the price. takes ~ 5-15 days (tracked),

depends upon location.

whomever wants an "Express EMS" (5-10 days, insured), will have to add +20$.

Also, PayPal fees are on me.


(pictures taken today)


thanks for watching,



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