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why mainstream use stock iphone,samsung, htc ect earphones

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See title

also they are shocked when you say you use £50 (yet alone £400+) earphones.

don't get me started on beats audio.

someone enlighten me!
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You came to a forum full of audio enthusiasts to ask about mainstream people? You're barking up the wrong tree here. Go ask them why they use that crap.

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Those people require higher taste.

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I'm kind of an audiophile, I'm trying to understand mainstream mentality/market mindset. Maybe the question is not for here as you suggested. I suspect we have all wondered, along with "why are we here" ect.
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Probably because they blew all the budget on the phone itself so have no money left for expensive headphones?  Saying that I do sometimes look at other people at work who just stick with the stock buds.  Pop them in and away they go listening to the music.  Not worrying about whether the seal is good or whatever.



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Simple.  They don't care about great audio.  End of thread.....

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Every passion has it's extremes, and those who are passionate find those extremes. 


I make custom knives.  You have no idea how many times I've heard people say their $40 knife is "the best."  Mountain biking is another example.  Most think of a $100-$300 bike with knobby tires as being a "Mountain Bike" or the best because it's a Trek $300 bike.  You can buy mountain bikes for $5000 and still not be at "the best.'  My lowest priced knife starts at $350.  Many mainstream people would think that's ridiculous. 


I like Hifi equipment.  I like tactical gear.  I like flashlights.  I like knives.  I like technical clothing.  The average "mainstream" person would think I'm a nutjob for what I would spend on all of that stuff.  It's funny though...once you get into it, it's not so hard to throw the money at any of that stuff anymore LOL!


It says the same thing on the knife forums I belong to......."I'm sorry for your wallet"


Most people have some kind of hobby they throw money at, some people's are just weirder that others; to each their own ;) 

Try telling someone the flashlight in your pocket cost $900 and see how they look at you!!!

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Some (or most) people don't really seem to care about good audio. Besides, many of them are just listening to music to pass the time (whilst commuting, for example).


Still, if you've never listened to a good headphone, you're going to think that your stock DAP/Cellphone's stock IEMs are amazing.

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I like military grade spec equipment too.

Is the lack of mainstream takeup of respected audio/earphones due to, marketing? Indifference to quality? Budget? Priorities? herd mentality? Other?
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It's just not some peoples thing.  Some people would rather buy a KitchenAid Stand Mixer than good IEM's


I don't think it's one thing in particular.  Different things drive different people on different paths.  Seven years ago I googled "best LED flashlight" and my wallet packed it's bags and moved to a good home.  I did that because I got tired of using a crap flashlight while in the military.  I did the same thing when I wanted more out of my music.  I've always been into home audio, but didn't know that much about portable audio until a couple years ago.  Some people, when they want the best they research every detail about whatever it is they are buying.  In doing so they become knowledgeable about other aspects that pertain to the original item (ie. if you were buying a knife you'd research steel, then making steel, or the properties of different steel to find the steel that suits your needs best). 


It just comes down to when and where a person has a need for something more and if they'll take someone else's word that the product they have is the best, or if they actively take part in researching what the "best" really is.  Also, "best" is different for everyone.

I guess it's just not a priority for some people.


I like having the "best" of the things that I'm interested in and sometimes that doesn't fall inline with other people's daily necessities, or routine.  I would spend money on a knife before a watch, a watch before a new set of high end IEM's, IEM's before another PolarTec NeoShell Jacket, another Jacket before a new couch...etc :)

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EXACTLY.  I think it is absolutely insane for anyone to break a cellphone contract to pay 5X the amount for the latest I-phone, just cause they gotta have it when the one they have works fine..  It's pissing money away!


But that same person could look at the slew of IEM's I bought the past couple years and say...I'm pissing money away!


Different strokes for different folks.

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I'm 32 now.


When I was younger, I was always really concerned about having the best gear.


As I've grown older, I've really learned to stop getting attached to so much stuff and just enjoy life.  I'll still research the equipment I buy, but I stop paying money as soon as the return on dollar becomes near negligible.


The truth is, for most people, that point of diminishing returns for earbuds can be met with a decent $20-$30 pair of IEM's.  For others, it just doesn't matter.  


For example, while I like to think of myself as an audiophile wanna-be (I own Grado SR60's, ATH-M50's, an Fiio E7, etc), I find myself just using my $6 JVC Marshmallow earbuds 99% of the time on the way to work.  This is mostly because I spend most of my time listenting to podcasts, but also because I just don't care that much.


I still love researching this stuff, but I'm a lot happier as I've tried to live a more minimal lifestyle and get out of the house.


That said, any favorite recommendations for < $40?  I hated the VSonic GR02's I tried.

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By the same reason some people are happy drinking a $5 wine instead of a $500 wine, or some people are happy eating at McDonalds instead of eating caviar-stuffed truffles.

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I was in mobile audio for a number of years - I had customers who couldn't fathom why a box for their trunk - before the speakers, mind you - could cost a grand. Or why the installation was another couple of thousand. Or one 1000w amp cost $199 and a 250W amp cost $1999 - it is all about priorities. I learned long ago, that great sound was a luxury - was I willing to pay the price? When I spent hours in my car every day - hell yes! You can make a car sound 10 times better than a home system - a proper car system can make a 1K IEM sound like a white Apple iBud - The funny thing is, while many of my friends can't tell the difference between their $50-$100 IEM's and a proper triple BA IEM - they often can tell that a $6K car system sounds awesome. (I don't mean an overpowered, sloppy bass, unbalanced POS system - but a proper 2,000 watt multi-speaker installation) They usually can tell it is better than their Lexus Mark Levinson piece of ****.

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A number of reasons, and I'd guess the main 2 being:


1.  It's just not that important to them

2.  They are unaware of other options / how much sound can be improved.



Also....the guy with the $900 flashlight, no judgements here, I just want to see the thing.  link link link.

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