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For Sale:
FS/T: Marantz 1090 Integrated and 120 Tuner (local MA/NH only) - lower price

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Selling two units; preferrably together, but happy to separate for the right offer.


Marantz 1090 integrated amp and 120 tuner, can borderline be called vintage IMO (I normally hate the overuse of that term). Both in great functional shape, some minor cosmetic issues on cases (worst is small corner scrape on tuner).  Only functional issue I see on tuner is that the Hi-Blend light doesn't light (all others do). Scope seems to be in fine shape as well.


Sound of the amp is really quite good, I have an inexpensive but good sounding DAC in front of it and I was using it more than my main system for a few months!  Amp also has a headphone jack, two sets of speakers outputs (both defeatable too), 3 tone controls (bass/mid/treble), and more.  But ultimately, room redecorating means this is in the way. 


No boxes, and pretty big to ship, so local sale only please. Located in Northeast MA, near NH border. Come by, see and listen!


Possible trade options (+/- $): higher quality 1-1.5M XLR IC's, Sennheiser HD-650 phones, Oppo BDP-103, Google Nexus 7 16G, Cambridge iPod dock ID100 (or other with true digital out), ?????




Todd - skullguise

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