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Need Help Fixing T50RP

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So I broke the hanger holder on the left side.




It looks like I can buy a replacement part at B&H, but do I need both front and back parts?


Also, it seems kinda hard to get to the screws for the hanger. any tips?


for now I tied the rods in place. you could say, they are hanging by a thread.

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I bought my T50rp's from Headroom like 2 weeks ago.  Unfortunately when I opened up the box and took the phone out of the plastic bag..the left cup  was dangling from the thin wires. 


They break looked exactly like your picture.  The post was sheared off very close to the base.  I still wanted to listen to them anyway.  I held the cup against my ear and used the brass colored forks and pressed them against the cup!


I returned them and got my replacement last weekend and they are great.


Good luck with fixing them.

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To get to the screws you gotta remove the plastic cover that's on the center post. You can use a knife or something to gently cut along the outline to remove the glue, then peel it off to be placed back afterwards.





As far as whether or not you need both from and back, I can't see the right parts in the link... but most likely you will, considering how they are snapped.

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I forgot I even made this thread. I guess I'll update by saying I fixed them by gluing the plastic cap back on with this stuff. I highly recommend this adhesive for just about anything. I also noticed the creaking plastic sound when rotating the cups disappear, so anyone with that issue could try filling the cavity in the hanger with something similar.

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