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SPL Calculator

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I made this to shorthand making the calculations easier, as Ive been looking through all this new info and audiophile gear. I wanted to share it figuring someone else out there may have a use for it. About as simple as they come.  Feedback appreciated but not necessary.



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A page with about 100 sometimes useful automated audio calculators:



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Im definitely gonna keep that tucked somewhere, thanks! Just doing the research on headphones I was doing, I always keep in mind this thing about my ears where frequencies get overlooked or muffled at low volumes due to a misshapen ear canal from many childhood ear infections and surgeries.


Ergo, Especially looking at some of the hard to drive headphones I was considering, I wanted to make sure the amp I was getting (see sig) was fine enough for whatever headphones I decided upon prior to picking the amp, but I digress.


Doing these kinds of projects just help me keep my mind on both what Im learning, and keeping my programming up to snuff (to a degree, here, anyway). I just figured theres no loss in sharing it, so I did.

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