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Songs with strings?

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I'm looking for some great instrumentals involving violins and other string instruments. Preferably modern rhythms / upbeat mixes if possible. If anyone knows of any, please share!

- We're talking about some bone chilling music or hard hitting beats like a violin version of vivaldi?

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It's a guitar album, but kaki king's new album Glow features the Ethel string quartet through out it, and they do a really fantastic job of matching her guitar.  It's not Vivaldi, but maybe it could be something you would like?


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thanks! this song is quite good. Hopefully there are more people who can share a few more songs 

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woah @Happy Camper, this song gives me the chills! thank you so much for sharing this.

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some of my favorite strings are from these guys (members of Godspeed!) not sure if they match what you want but definitely modern


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@ferday , no its great! especially at 3:42 onwards. i can feel that emotion as i listened to the entire song. Thank you for sharing!

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Lindsey Stirling:



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Originally Posted by wuwhere View Post



enjoyed that, thanks

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Thank you so much for the songs!

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I like that one Wu. On the 6s it sounds so soothing and emotional. The Cello coming in to counter the violin in play is so nice.
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So many beautiful and free music on Youtube.

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3:13 - 3:23 in this song gave me a huge shiver when i first heard it. Not absolutely sure if this form of instrumental is to your listening pleasures. but it was something i found regarding strings in some way...

just some funky bass instrumental

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Listen to this

That violin gets me everytime.
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