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I like it a lot.  I haven't used them on-board, so I can speak for that.  As others have said, there isn't a lot of bass but it does sound good.

The STX definately has enough power to drive the DT880 250's.


I was going to buy a really nice amp for them, but after reading that if you use an external amp you can't get positioning information properly for games, I opt'd to just use the on-board amp.  I am likely going to replace the OpAmps and try that out.


It is a lot better than what I had before, and very happy with it.  Still trying to get the best settings for the setup. Tried a few things and hard to come up with what is ideal.

I was thinking the same thing when I first got my Beyer 990 600ohm. Check out my custom EQ generator for Xonar Audio Center to help boost the low end.