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Matrix Mini-i and 24 bit via USB

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Ive been switching between setups and when I took my Matrix back in use recently (with WASAPI and Winamp via USB) I discoverd that I can't do bit copy playback of 24 bit files? I know the USB cable is restricted to 44.1 - 48kHz but I thought I remembered playing fx. 24 bit/48kHz files natively via USB in the past. Ive read the official manual online, but it doesn't mention any bit restrictions on USB, only khz.
Is this a software problem or do I really need SPDIF just to play 24/48 with the Mini-i?
Even my onboard card accepts 24/48 in shared mode, which I originally thought was the problem even though I run the DAC/WASAPI in exclusive mode. But the Mini-i only let's me chose between 16/44.1 and 16/48 in shared mode and if I play 24 bit files WASAPI crashes and tell me the format is unsupported.
I guess I could just play around with a different software route, but if someone here can tell me quickly whether the Mini-i supports 24 bit via USB cable it would be much appreciated. It's just plain weird to me to have my onboard card accept and play 24/48 files from this setup and then have my $350 DAC crash completely.
/My complete setup is;
Winamp/WASAPI (24 bit playback allowed, exclusive mode, slave to sample rate/input channels/input encoding and volume control disabled. Re-sample when under/over 44.1khz / 48khz due to USB limitations.
Via USB cable to
Matrix Mini-i
Via balanced XLR to
Mackie HR824 MKI 

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Well, I finally found a trusted source that explicitly states that it does support 24 bit via USB. Honestly I would have been very surprised if it didn't wouldn't make any sense at all. It just baffles me why WASAPI will send 24 bit to my onboard and not the DAC.


Oh well, I guess it's a good reason to finally install a SPDIF module in this machine...

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