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Controlling studio monitor volume externally

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I have a Panasonic Plasma (only audio out is SPDIF) connected to a fiio D3 DAC via the SPDIF. Attached to the RCA out on the fiio are two M-Audio BX5a monitors. I want to know the cheapest way to control the sound without having to adjust it from the back of the monitor, via a knob or remote or something.


The BX5a has two XLR ports on the back that I'm not using, if that helps.


Preferably, I'd like it to be wireless. Doing some research, I came across this knob (http://www.tcelectronic.com/level-pilot/), but it's rather expensive and I don't know how it'll interact with/affect the fiio (http://www.amazon.com/D3-Digital-Converter-Optical-Toslink/dp/B005K2TXMO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1357836148&sr=8-2&keywords=fiio+d3).


Any suggestions would be great! I'd like to use the monitors because I already have them and they sound much better than my Vizio soundbar, and I have no room for a full sound system.

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they sll small passive preamp on ebay for cars for like 6-8 bucks, for forgot the name try sub controller, or passive volume controller I bought one and it worksgood except at really low volumes the left right volume are matvhed perfectly.

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Can't find anything on eBay, unless I don't know what I'm looking at. That would be great, though. Everything I've seen so far as a possible solution has been too expensive.

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Ok, that's looking more like it.


So if I understand correctly, I'd use the XLR input on my monitors to plug into the RCA on this device (using two of something like this: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10244&cs_id=1024404&p_id=4777&seq=1&format=2)? What are the other two RCA plugs for (I'm guessing one set is an input and the other is an output)? Would using this for the XLR inputs mean I'd be unable to hook a subwoofer to the monitors?


A lot of questions, I know. I just want to get this right. Thanks.

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So just to make sure I'm getting this right before I buy the knob and cables:


These are connected via the TRS input to the left/right RCA out on this (fiio D3):


I use the optical in on this to connect to the optical out on my plasma. This all works so far, but I can't adjust the volume easily.


So if I purchased this (http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-Axxess-Universal-Car-Amplifier-Bass-RCA-Level-Volume-Control-Knob-AALC-/271014397041?pt=US_Audio_Video_Remotes&hash=item3f19b78471) and two XLR to RCA cables, I'd be able to adjust the volume?


Does anyone know if this will negatively affect the audio in any major way? Also, would I still be able to connect a sub with this setup, or is this the end of the line? Thank you!

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Well I got the components in, and...the knob doesn't alter the volume much. Very, very small changes.


I want an external knob that can turn the volume down completely. Any ideas? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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