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Help with DT 770 Pro/80

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Hello everyone, and let me thank you in advance for you help.  I recently purchased the DT 770 Pro/80 as my first pair of non 7-11 purchased headphones.  I would like to use them mainly for portable use around my house and running errands, as well as long trips and flights.  My main source will be a samsung galaxy s3.  It is the US version(no Wolfson chip).  I will also be using them out of a hp pavilian entertainment pc some of the time at home.  I contain most of my music on google music right now because of convenience, but I could throw them all on a first generation ipod touch if I needed to for better sound.  I would like to avoid this if possible.


I am not picky when it comes to sound, but I'll try to explain what I'm hearing now, compared to what I would like to hear.  Currently, I am using them with my Galaxy S3 and a fiio e6 amp.  I know this is not an optimal setup for these headphones, but it's what I have for the time being.  For me, it provides plenty of volume, and plenty of bass, so that is not the problem.  My problem is that on some songs the bass sounds uncontrolled and muddy, and there is a noticeable buzz when really strong bass lines kick in.  I'm not playing them at extreme levels or anything and this seems to be happening regardless of the bass setting or the volume setting that I am using.  I am also getting a very small amount of noise in between tracks, and sometimes during specific tracks.  It sounds like a faint hissing noise.  I listen to mostly hip hop, rap, reggae, and some older alternative.  If I could eliminate these issues I would be in listening heaven because these things are seriously comfortable!!


Due to my budget. I simply can't afford the fiio e17 right now, so I am looking at the e7 and the e11.  I would look at anything in the same general price range as those two options.  If there simply isn't anything in this price range, I would consider returning the headphones and getting a pair that is easier to power.  These were at the top end of my price range, so I could go with a slightly cheaper headphone with a better amp if need be.  Do I need a dac to make my music sound more natural with the Galaxy S3?  I guess that's what I'm having trouble understand more than anything else.  Also, I only have about 20 hours on them to date if that makes a difference.  Thanks again!

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How are the cables and things like that your using? The DT770 80s aren't particularly hard headphones to drive honestly in my experience and dont require an amp. Sure an amp will make them sound better, but its not essential. Ive had my set for years and Ive never used anything more then headphone outs on desktops and laptops. I even plugged them into my phone once, HTC Rezound, and they seemed fine although really quiet because the phone doesn't have enough power for them. 


Ive never experienced the things your talking about with mine. Id say its not the headphones. Have you tried the headphones in different things? Try it just plugged them into the phone, no amp. Try it on your laptop if you have one, desktop. First rule out the headphones themselves and make sure you dont have a bed set or something. Even though I really don't think they're the problem. 

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Thank you.  I have double checked all of the cables and everything seems in fine working order.  The amp isn't brand new, it's been sitting around for a while in it's original packaging, but had never been used before I got the headphones.  I do not think it's the cables or the headphones because some songs sound great.  I'm thinking it's bad music quality, or I need a quality dac.  The thing that gets me is that different songs from the same albums will either sound great or terrible, and it happens on older music as well as brand new music.

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I don't know Ive never had DAC issues either and Ive used whatever bin DAC they use on onboard soundcards, mybe not the greatest sound but they got the job done. So Id venture to guess that's not really the problem either. 


Easiest way it to eliminate things. Run the same song that gives you trouble just to the headphones, use a different source, use different headphones if you have some, even a crappy pair of earbuds. All your trying to do is find the actual source of the issue.


Ive had some bad songs crackle on me before and things like that though, so it could just be the music.  Where is the music coming from?

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Thanks for your help.  It's bad music quality without a doubt.  The music is all on google play music because I love the free storage.  I tried the troublesome songs out of a few different sources and on my old ear buds and I could hear the imperfections, the 770's are just making the issue more obvious.  It's only a handful of songs after maybe 30 hours of listening at this point so I can deal with it.  I'll save up so I can get a nice amp/dac down the line, and start focusing on higher quality music to match these bad boys.  

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Another quick question.  I just had the left earphone audio cut out from my pc.  I immediately checked to see if it was working on my phone and my chromebook and everything sounded fine.  Then, I reset my computer and when it booted back up everything was fine again.  Is it safe to assume this was a computer issue?  The chords all look fine.  I have 5 days to return them and I really don't want to if people think I'm fine.  Thanks

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