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Is SE535 worthy of an upgrade from SE425?

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I have been listening to my SE425 for a week now, they're superb in Trance, soft-rock, but lack spice in vocal artists. 

I have been hearing rave reviews about SE535, how they're like little golden nuggets in the ears! I'm curious what are the vast improvement over this model. Because I don't wanna spend an extra 200 dollars for them and later find out that it's only slightly better but not groundbreaking! But if I got my first Shure SE, the entry price 215s, then I can see the necessary leap to SE535 and spot the differences. But it's only one step below the flagship model, so is it wise to get them.

My area doesn't have any audio shops that stock these, so I have been ordering them online and bet my luck if I end up enjoying them.

So what do you think guys, are SE535 a HUGE HUGE DIFFERENCE sonically over SE425s?


Thanks for listening! 

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Like you, I bought the SE425's first. After listening to them for about a month, the idea of an upgrade began to entertain me. I eventually succumbed and bought the SE535LTD's. I still own both, and after comparing the two, I personally find that the SE535 seems much more intimate. Everything sounds closer to you compared to the now distant SE425; however, the SE535 has a wider soundstage with better instrument separation. There is definitely more at both ends of the spectrum, adding more kick and life to the music. While the sound is less flat and neutral, I thoroughly enjoy the SE535's presentation over the 425.

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Which devices did you use for listening to SE425 & SE535?


I use my iPod nano, the 5th generation, and I constantly going thru EQ for configuration when listening to my SE425,

it's the shrilling or shrieking noise which overwhelms every notes played from the music. If I switch off the EQ, it became dead and sound extremely flat and boring. When you use your SE535, do you use EQ regularly, switching back and forth to fit the tone of your music?

BTW my music are ripped into 192kbps, it's not FLAC or WMV files.

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Personally I couldn't tell the difference with the SE535 and SE425 when I auditioned them. I used them on a Cowon J3. If I had an amp at the time it might of been a different story.

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Can SE535s handle genres like heavy metal, hard rock, rap, pop, R&B.

My favorite rock band is Queenscryche. When the music reaches a high note, the sound becomes static, breaking off. However the low mids becomes solid, stable which sounds excellent! So can 535s handle the high mids in rock, heavy metal?

Listening to Robert Miles Dreamscape was a drag, 425s couldn't handle the fast sounds!

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I listen to them using a variety iPhone 4 connected via LOD to a JDS cMoyBB. I find your post funny because I used to always fiddle with the EQ on my 425s as well. With my 535s, I do not mess with EQ settings and enjoy it more than the EQ's 425s. For genres, I believe it does everything well except for metal. The busier tracks can get slightly congested. It is not bad, but it lacks a bit on faster music. High notes are glorious on the SE535LTD'S though!
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If your willing to spend the money on the SE535 you should take it and spend it on the SM3 V2.  They both have similar sound signatures but imo the SM3 is quite a bit better than the SE535.  The mids are fuller sounding and the soundstage is more cohesive with better width and depth along with amazing 3D imaging and separation that's better than the SE535.


I had the SE425 and its a nice IEM and the SE535 is a little better over all but its just not as good as the SM3 which you can get from soundearphones for $350 which is cheaper than any SE535 I've seen new.

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Just a curious experiment, since you own both shure earbuds, have you ever attempt to disconnect the earbuds and plug it to se535. ex. unplug the se425, either right or left one, and plug into the cord of se535s. so you have one se425 on the left, and se535 on the right. i wonder what will it sound like?

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SE425 is more neutral and flat, SE535 is warmer lusher, more fun. I really don't know which I preferred, 425 is more versatile, if you want something inbetween and custom made check out the alclair reference monitor.
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Do you own both pairs? Would you say buying another pair give you a total experience?

The reason I didn't go all the way to 535, is because of the ridiculous price tag. 

Initially I got 215, the reason I return them was the muddle sound when instruments get complicated! I listen to great variety of music, I don't stick to a specific genre.

I listen to rock, new age, heavy rock, Metal, Pop, R&B, Trance, Dance, Reggae

Favorite rock band: Queenscryche, Bon Jovi, U2, Muse, KISS, Linkin Park, Zed Leppelin, Pink Floyd

R&B: Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton

Metal: Metallica, Iron Maiden

New Age: Sara Brightman, Enya, Kitaro

Trance: Robert Mile

Dance: Lady Gaga

Pop: Michael Jackson, Madonna

Reggae: Bob Marley


Which of these genre do you think my SE 425 performs best

or SE535?

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425 are better at rock, 535 for calmer vocal music as they are slower sounding. A very different sound from 425. I do advise you to maybe go the custom IEM route as the Alclair I have works with everything whilst retaining a smoothness but still detailed. 535 are a lot smoother and fuller than 425, the Alclair is middle ground, very nice tone but not as thick as 535 which is good, they sound very natural
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So you mean the flagship cannot perform all music genre faithfully. Ideally would it be wise to own another a pair 535. ex. when listening to rock, i will switch to 425, vocal, i will switch to 535.

The reason I'm saying this, I don't wanna make my 425 useless if I enjoy 535 more. I feel like wasting a lot of money if I never listen to 425 again!

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Sounds like you should get them, I really did enjoy them. Also a silver plated copper cable work best with them
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I already have se425, unless you recommend me to get se535.

Today I listen to Christina Aguilera's genie in the bottle on youtube. The bass, mids, lows, highs completely blown me away!

Then I listen to Muse's Undisclosed desire, rocks!, Boy George's Crying game, perfect reproduction! Britney Spears' Baby one more time, no that good rendition.

Rocks on Toni Braxton, certain tunes from Madonna. Robert Miles on Youtube, my jaw drops!


So if 425 already kick ass, I wonder how se535 perform on those same tunes I listen from my se425?!




Sounds like you should get them, I really did enjoy them. Also a silver plated copper cable work best with them.



Which ones are you talking about, that you enjoyed? 425s or 535s?

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I enjoyed both, but I still think 535 isn't going to be a big upgrade, more of a different sound signature.

I really do suggest you get custom IEMs like I already said, cheaper than 535 and more natural sound which will sound excellent with all your music.

If not, get the 535 as it compliments the 425 sound and with both you'll be very happy
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