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Replacement foam tips

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I have Visang R03 iem's which come with a variety of tips. I really enjoyed the firm foam tips, which lasted about a year for me, created a great seal, and helped deliver great sound.


I tried replacing them with Comply T400 foam tips, which wear out extremely fast, and while soft, are generally not very comfortable and do not create a good seal. Can anyone recommend a stiffer replacement foam tip that will last longer, be more firm, and replicate the original that came with my R03?



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Hi Chmilz,


I’m sorry to hear that our Comply™ Foam T-400 did not work out.  I would like to recommend our Comfort Ts-400 series of tips, which some of our users find more comfortable.  I would be happy to provide you with a coupon code for our web store if you’re interested.


Best Regards!



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