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Senheiser hd 449( short review)

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Hi guys
I just picked up a pair of hd 449´s and im extremly impressed so far.
Their reception here has been underwhelming as far as i have seen , but considering the limited supply of cans i can get in my country these are the most creap clear headphones i have ever heard.
The mids pop out nicely and are extremly defined , the highs sound punchy the only drawback is that the bass lacks definition and it might be a little underwhelming for some but i mainly listen to calm acoustic music so it doesnt bother me that much .
I thought that the m50´s were too bass heavy so anyway.
The best cans i have ever had , not that im an expert or anything but they sound  impossibly good fort the casual listener.
They sound much better than my fisher fa-004 much more crisp and detailed.
Anyways just a short comparison of some of the phones i own ( all mentioned in the same price bracket) can be useful to someone.
Cheers John
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How does it sound unamped???

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