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Hi there,just joined,  i'm new.....please be nice :)



Passionate by HIFI in general i've been starting to look for some GOOD iem. 


Being new to this world of forums, i'm looking for a custom iem maker in EU.


Could anybody be nice and indicate where to find the direction, inside this forum, or in general! :)



thanks very much for your help! 



and yes, i'll take my time to read and learn, i promise! So please excuse me if there was an answer to my question just under my nose smily_headphones1.gif




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here's a good place to start:

custom iem reviews with countries of origin.


enjoy ^^

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thank you so much for this link! this is indeed the best start i could have had!!!!! gs1000.gif



this will make my day!

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you're welcome! hope you find your ciems

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The Earsonics EM series CIEMs are highly recommended and top end EM6 are the best in EMS series.
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No one has mourned his/her wallet yet?


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cosmic ears too

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Haha, I do actually!!! wink.gif but thanks for your.concern!

I'm all over the em ifi's customs......I think I'll give them a try! Don't know which model yet.....
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Id personally go for Cosmic Ears, if i was going down the CIEM route in the EU id go there.

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