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Replacement cable for V-MODA M100

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I'm not a real fan of the V-MODA's standard cables.  I prefer something a bit more flexible, with a bit of a rubbery feel.


Anyway, I'm looking for a replacement, something along the lines around 1m (3 feet) long, male to male 3.5mm cable.  I would make up my own, but in order for the cable to fit the headphones, the jack casing can be no wider than 6mm, which makes putting together custom ones quite difficult.


Does anyone know of any over-the-counter cables that might do what I'm after?




PS: Not really fussed about having a mic, or controls on the cable itself, as I usually run the audio through an AMP.

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i feel the same way. I'd love some input on this!?!?!



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The FiiO RC-MH1 is specifically made for the M-100s
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C´mon, bump! Don´t bury all those juicy cable choices in the main m-100 thread, it´s 800-pages long.


These are recommended by the company itself: http://www.moon-audio.com/moon-audio-blue-dragon-headphone-cable.html


Price is laughable, really, and the blue colour is garish, but the sound description looks like it brings what the m-100s are missing. The vocals forward. Without bass reduction they tend to swallow some luster from the vocal timber.

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Here's a list of working cables that I've personally tested:


Radio Shack Auvio cables

Beats cables (all versions)

B&O H6 Cable (Buttons and mic iOS compatible)


I also found some no name cables at a clothing store in my neighborhood in Brooklyn that fit. If you have your M-100 while you're out, just check and see if any random cables you come across have a plug housing that's as thin or thinner than your V-MODA cable.

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Originally Posted by lukeap69 View Post

This is what I use. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/281199686467


That's awesome...I'm glad they show different lengths available.  I commonly use a bluetooth device as the actual source of my music, so for my 598's I had a guy make me up a very short cable.  He kept asking me if I was sure I wanted one as short as I asked, but he made it and it was perfect.


Maybe that seller could make me up the length I'd want (if I remember correctly, it was something like 9 inches...since I wear that device on my shirt collar.  I might be picking up the m100's this week, if I do I'll be sure to send that seller a message!

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