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Replacement cable for V-MODA M100

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I'm not a real fan of the V-MODA's standard cables.  I prefer something a bit more flexible, with a bit of a rubbery feel.


Anyway, I'm looking for a replacement, something along the lines around 1m (3 feet) long, male to male 3.5mm cable.  I would make up my own, but in order for the cable to fit the headphones, the jack casing can be no wider than 6mm, which makes putting together custom ones quite difficult.


Does anyone know of any over-the-counter cables that might do what I'm after?




PS: Not really fussed about having a mic, or controls on the cable itself, as I usually run the audio through an AMP.

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i feel the same way. I'd love some input on this!?!?!



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The FiiO RC-MH1 is specifically made for the M-100s
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