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Questions about new Monoprice 8323's

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I'm new to decent quality headphones(though I didnt know that until recently) and have been browsing the crap out of this place the last couple weeks.  After my brother bought some JVC XX-on ear's and they destroyed the isound dj's I was using, I decided I need better sound, but with budget in mind. 


So after much reading, the price vs sound quality of the Monoprice 8323 sounded perfect.  I got them about a week ago and was very impressed.  The first night I was listening too my ipod and had taken it off and without noticing, the volume got turned all the way up for several mins.  Directly after putting them back on, the sound was more raspy on certain midrange sounds.  The bass still sounds the same and the highs are still clean.  So afraid I messed them up, I requested a replacement, which arrived today.


Maybe it is just the particular track(i dont remember which track it was on that alarmed me originally) or maybe the quality of the recording itself(its not every song), but the new ones sound about the same. 


I thought maybe I had somehow damaged just that particular frequency, but that doesnt sound possible after thinking further.   After all, some songs sound fine, which makes me think the raspy/crackly/hiss is just the particular track. 


Any thoughts on what the issue is would be helpful.  I think sometimes I just get too worried that something has/will mess up and may just need a better format to really tell?

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Does it do that for all songs now? you could have damaged them, as they wheren't burned in properly yet , and already left a few hours at extreme volumes. Contact monoprice and see what they say. 

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No its not on all songs, just on certain midrange sounds on certain songs, which probably points toward poor quality recording unless you can damage certain frequency individually.  They had only about 30min of total listening time when this happened, but it wasnt more than 3-4 minutes at full volume on the ipod nano.

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Try doing a frequency range sweep with a sine wave.

I'm a proud owner of the monoprice 8323, and I have not had this issue before.

If there is an issue with sound quality, it's usually the recording itself, a

bad sound card, EQ, or even the music playback software itself

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I'm thinking its probably the recording as well, mp3 format and most of which were converted from youtube.  It has to be right? I mean certain songs sound great on the 8323s, but I thought maybe they just dont hit the same notes as the songs that sound bad in certain parts. 


I will check out the frequency range sweep when I get home this evening. 



 So to be clear, if I had blown the 'phones it would be noticeable all the time correct?

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YouTube conversion is just a bad idea. 

There's so much data loss to be considered when uploading / downloading / playing back

from YouTube servers. 


I find the monoprice to be quite transparent with the recording quality. So if you have a lower quality track, it will be apparent through listening.


If you had blown the cans, then yes, you are stuck with the problem regardless of what you play on them

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I guess im just not used to the difference in these compared to my old headphones.  The majority of songs Ive got sound better than ever, but the bad quality tracks are really noticeable now.



I got the new ones in today, so I will just be more careful with these ones.  Thanks for your help.

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