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ATH M50 White

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Hey guys so the girlfriend's birthday is coming up and she's seriously addicted to music but hasn't really ever owned a decent pair of headphones... She currently just uses her apple ear pods that came with her iPhone 5 but other than the ear pods she hates iems because she feels like she's getting her ears raped lol. Anyways I was thinking about getting her the white ATH m50s. Just wondering the following about the m50s and if you guys can put it in comparison to the ATH Pro700 mk2s that would be great!

-sound stage
-sq unamped
-annoyance level of the coiled cord

Also I will totally be taking other suggestions as well lol as long as the headphones look appealing for a girl to wear?

Thanks guys
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not sure if you already bought her a headphone, but here is a rough sketch of your questions


-they both sound "closed", so about the same
-m50 has alot more sparkle on the treble region
-m50 has pronounced mids
-pro700mk2 has more bass
-both are OK when used unamped but i prefer the m50
-depends on preference on the cable
-about the same weight


or better yet, get her a white ATH ES7 instead. less bulky, short cable, looks extremely good, and sounds decent


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Ahhhh thank you so much for the input!! I have not bought her a pair of headphones yet but I will definitely look into the White ES7 because she wants something thats decently portable lol but my goodness she looks cute with even my ATH Pro700 mk2s

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