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Which one is more worth it for my CAS?

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I am looking to build my computer as source (CAS) rig and looking for a combo of high-quality DAC and amplifier. There are several alternatives that come into my mind.


1) CEntrance DACmini

2) Schiit Bifrost + Lyr/Asgard

3) A portable DAC/Amp, maybe the CEntrance HiFi M8


CEntrance's DAC is in no doubt of really high quality. And their DACmini with a class A amp is also widely considered as a good combo for driving headphones.

The Schiit combo is also a popular choice recently. At a relatively low price, they are delivering some extraordinary performance.


The DACmini is an integrated one, which means I can save my wallet a bit as I don't need an RCA cable. However, the Schiit's combo is really a great bargain that produce great performance from many reviews.

This is really a struggle to me.


Moreover, a portable one has another huge advantage over the others. That is the portability and availability for me to use it with another computer as I switch computers for difference purposes while listening to music will not be changed.


Can someone here please give me some advice on which one should I get as the 3 of them are in the $650-750? Hopefully there are comparison of sound quality which I concernt he most.


Thanks a lot

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It'll help if you can mention your budget (you don't always need to spend a lot, there are cheaper options), and the headphones you're going to use.

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I am sorry for that. My budget would be under $800 and I will use it for my HiFiMAN HE-500 which I will receive shortly.

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If you're planning to use USB for the DAC, you can consider the Schiit Modi or ODAC, they're very transparent and much cheaper than the Bifrost.


Regarding the amps, I can say you'll need something that can provide atleast 400mW at 38 Ohms, so some portable amps may not work.


Schiit is popular here, but you can also consider the Violectric HPA-V90 (Has variable gain).


Still, if you want to save some cash, the O2 and the Schiit Magni also have enough power for the HE500, and some here say they weren't able to tell the difference between the O2 and the Lyr with the HE 500.

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