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Some recommendations please? Thank you.

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Hello! I hope this thread is okay. I hope I don't come across as too fussy either! tongue.gif


My Maxell Home Studio headphones broke once again, so I decided to upgrade. I'm in the UK and I'm on quite a budget (around £20-40). I'm also just going to shop online.


I read around for many hours and I decided upon getting the Koss PortaPro's directly from Amazon, and once they arrived I was really displeased with them: the bass is so deep and overpowering and gives every song a messy reverb effect to them, and non of the mids or highs were clear or sharp. Pure sharp pulse waves were blurry and almost sounded like sine waves at times!


So, can anyone give any recommendations for headphones? I'm a little bit fussy, but what's important to me is clarity, clean/sharp highs and deep/warmer lows that aren't too over-emphasized. Oh, and they need to be pretty small-ish: my old Maxell Home Studios were big and even came with an 8ft cable, it was a little too much for me!


Thank you!


Edit: Oh dear, I do apologise about not posting in the "++RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++". I didn't look around much, I was kinda in a hurry...!

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I would recommend the Creative Aurvana Live but it's out of your budget. Try the Koss Pro DJ100.

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