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For Sale: YBM Audio M3 and Sigma 11

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For Sale:
YBM Audio M3 and Sigma 11

Will Ship To: CONUS

Looking to sell my custom M3 with Sigma 11 PSU commissioned and built by Ying Mai at YBM Audio.  I paid $885 for the unit new last summer. 


It was built last July to run with my HE-500 headphones. The unit sounds phenomenal with my HE-500s and HD-650s.


As for upgrades I elected for AD8610AR OP Amps, a Neutrik locking headphone plug and put a black 1.4" Goldpoint knob on it (not pictured). I also elected to not have a bass boost function. 


Version 1: With external σ11 power supply

  • Over sized toroidal power transformer.
  • Nichicon/Panasonic electrolytic capacitors (low ESR, low impedance, low noise, high ripple current, high temperature, and long life).
  • Metal film caps.
  • Military-spec metal film precision 1% resistors.
  • Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer.
  • Neutrik 1/4" headphone jack.
  • Gold plated chassis-mount RCA jacks.
  • Separate aluminum enclosures for amp and PSU (6.15 x 3.10 x 8.5"/154 x 78 x 213mm, W x H x D).
  • IEC AC inlet fuse chamber and switch.
  • Machined gold plated DIP sockets.
  • 3mm blue LEDs.
  • Aluminum knob.
  • Stainless steel machine screws used thru-out.
  • Silver plated, Teflon® insulated copper hookup wire used thru-out.
  • 6x gain unless otherwise specified


Further information about these can be found here:



I am looking to get around $550 $500 $475 $450 for the unit, will entertain offers. Not looking for any trades. Buyer pays shipping and I'll eat the paypal fees.

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110v or 220v?

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Sorry, it is 110v

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Originally Posted by dlalfjf1234 View Post

110v or 220v?


It looks like the transformer has dual primaries, so it should be very easy to convert to 230 V (just change two of the wires).

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