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A portable player to go with Senn 598 and M100

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Hello everyone! I'm new to the all audiophile community. I've been looking into the forum for like a week or so i really am a begginer and dont know much.

I'm searching for a good portable player that i will listen to at home and outside.

i want to to be durable, with extra SD slot , good sound quality and to go well with my headphones

sennheiser 598HD and V-moda 100M.  i prefer to get a player that is already with an amp and good dac inside it, although if an mainstream player with an extra amp\dac is a better\cheaper idea then i dont really mind carrying 2 devices...

Most important is the sound quality flac support and easy ui. about 300$ budget.

Mostly listen to all different rock kinds, d&b and dubstep, sometimes newage and rarely anything else.


Now i know nothing in this field but from what i read from the past few days this is what i understand:


Rocoo BA and Studio V are pretty good daps , simple and durable with good battery life, and does not require an extra dac\amp for it, am i right? (and please do clear it for me...)

now i know the Studio V is higher than my budget but if its really much better than the BA then i'll wait a bit to get it.


There is also the colorfly ck4 , didn't read much about it. seems cheap. no idea if it requires a dac\amp for it.. if not then its looks pretty nice  for portable dap from what i've seen here from the reviews.


better choices seem more expensive.

other options are mainstream players i've seen some recommendations on the cowon s9\j3 , but then again i dont know if ill need to buy extra amp\dac for better sound?  other then that from what i've read they better then most mainstream players around..

i just rather a all-in-one device to go with rather than 2 devices .. just for the sake of simplicity. but if sound , UI , battrey life, storage and price wise its better to end up with 2 seperate devices , then it OK for me .


anyway i'll be glad if you could help me to choose the right device for me, thank alot =)

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I'd get the cheapest HM-601 and then get an amp in the future, it has a great line out, I prefer it to my Studio-V

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Is there going to be actualy a big differense for a non audiophiler betwin a good DAP or just a simple sandisk player with an fiio e17 amp\dac together  with it??

Maybe im just stupidly looking for the best when i dont even need the best?

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