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For Sale: STAX SRM -T1

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Can/US

*Reduced*  Now only $520.


Selling my Stax SRM-T1


This was a one owner piece, previously owned by a British audiophile who relocated to Canada, bringing this with him.  When he passed away, his son sold his father's audio gear and I purchased this along with some Lambda Signatures in Oct.'12

He had it professionally converted it to 117V and the son had it checked over recently including the bias in the tubes.


I have not opened is so I'm not aware what tubes are in it and I'd rather not open it.


It's in very good shape save for one chip in the paint as shown.  The son remembers that these did not see much use as his father preferred to listen to his enormous Magnepans.


Asking $585 $520 including shipping and paypal fees.  I have the manual but not the original packaging.


Last pic shows the manual.


To those in Europe asking about shipping, Canadapost has the most unreasonable rates possible and shipping to Europe is about $120cdn.

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you list the same price in us dollars and canadian dollars.  they are not the same.

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head-fi doesnt have candian dollars in option

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Hi-I am currently bidding on a SRM-T1 on Ebay including a pair of Stax Sigma Pros. If I do not win, I would be interested in yours.

I am a dealer in 831-423-5523 Maybe we can discuss and I will forget about the Ebay auction.




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Now that I see it comes with a pair of Lamda Pro signatures, I would like to buy.





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Hi again-my email address is



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