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The Case for New Manufacturers of Good Cans!

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I want to start this off by letting everyone know that even though, I am new to this Audiophile Forum, I have belonged to many others, covering a wide array (HT, Video innovations, etc..). I also realize that headphone (cans) are a very relative subject, when it comes to individual audio tastes and the Physiology that plays a part in every one having various "ears", shall we say!
FYI, after succumbing to a vicious array of pain inducing afflictions that all led from a failing Autoimmune System, I am now on disability and suffer from Chronic Pain, because of all the issues with my Autoimmune System! I am not seeking sympathy, just wanted to let you know that, because of having to go on a fixed income and losing my house, the Home Theater I had spent years putting together is pretty useless now as I had to move back into Apartment Living!
So, I now use Cans a lot more than I use to and have owned many in my 50+ years of enjoying the evolution and transformation of both Audio & Video. I have owned (in the 70's, LOL, Koss Pro AAA's, Audio Tecnicas, Beyers, Sennheisers, AKGs, Grados, and ALL were of the high end range, but none over $500.
I see a lot of Brand Appreciation Topics since perusing this site, not that there's anything wrong with that! I just don't see a lot of credit, where it is perhaps due. I used to be a HUGE Sennheiser Fan! Nobody could surpass this audio quality or comfort! But maybe it's age or senility, but I just feel we have become a product of nonconformity, if you will? Or perhaps, it's Company Loyalty, no matter what the competition offers?
All I can say is that 4 years ago, I got recommended to try some Nuforce NE-6's and have never looked back. Every Nuforce product I have purchased since, has never ceased to amaze! The NE-700X's blew my mind. I hadn't heard a pair of Earphones for 4 times the price sound better! I got them early for $55! I had a pair of $220 Shures that I ended up selling!
Now, Nuforce had never made a pair of Ovet-Ear-Phones, so in the meantime, I bought a pair of mint used AKG-701 QJ Signatures. Nice cans! By the time I had just broken them in, Nuforce came out with their HP-800's and I immediately bought a pair! I mean for $149.99, what did I have to lose, but confidence in Nuforce, LOL!
I can honestly, without a doubt, state that these are the BEST O-T-E Cans I have ever heard! Perfect stage presence, totally true to recording frequency response, honestly shimmering highs and true to life tight solid bass (no over colored and over emphasized bass as in so-called Hip Hop Dr, Dre, etc...)
These are also way too comfortable for their own good! The box weighed more than the Phones! The ear pads use comfort foam covered in a "skin like" cover. It's a little eerie the first time you touch it! But they breathe so well, I never sweat!
I guess I am like a lot of you, when a Company impresses me enough, I tend to stick with them and for 4 years, I have had no reason to look else where for cans or headphone amps & DACS (I also own a Nuforce ICON iDO). So for $149.99 you will not believe your ears!
If you try them, let me know what you think. I can take it!
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I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for different things that might end up being perfect too. I went from headphones about 7 years ago and now back to headphones. Back then I owned a lot of the common sub 300 stuff and enjoyed them, but now that there is so many more high quality phones out there, I want to try them all!

My collection rebuilding is slow right now, but I just got a pair of KRK KNS 8400 that I'm enjoying immensely, and plan on giving these nu forces a shot too.

Sorry to hear about your circumstances. I hope the phones provide you with anything sonically you're missing. I have a rareish and very painful neurological disease that is surfacing again, and being able to melt away into my phones brings much needed comfort.
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winenerd, you are soooooo correct! My illness is very much neurological based also! One of the most painful maladies I deal with is called Post Herpetic Neurolgia (massively severe pain from a Shingles breakout I had in my early 30's). No scabs or rashes, lucky me, right? And I just happen to get it where my initial breakout was. On my right back head, thru the whole right side of my face (including my eye, teeth, ear, all the way to my chin). I almost lost the vision in my right eye, when I had the initial outbreak. I didn't know what it was? Now, I get the pain about 2-3 times a week! It's like hooking up 220V AC to the back of my neck and grounding my chin. It really is that painful! And that besides the pain I experience all the time from Fibromyalgia & what ever else they are not sure I have. You are not suppose to get Shingles, until you are usually at least in your 60's. that's when they found out I had a major problem with my Autoimmune System. I say it was just my first wife driving my nerves to hell for 9 years.
You should definitely check out the Nuforce HP-800's. they are AMAZING FOR $149.99!
I don't know if that is an introductory price or not. LIS, I had a just broke-in a pair of the funky lime green QJ AKG-701's and these are much better, right out of the box. Hard to believe, as those AKG's retail for $470.00, but you can get them on street for $275.
They also have a new wireless AirDAC system I'd like to try with the powered bookshelfs.
I'll tell you, good cans can make the pain ease and make you forget about life for a while! I have some holo-audic nature sounds (real miked in the wild) and they help tremendously......
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